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The Marx Brothers Meet The Black Knight: The Obama Administration’s Incoherence

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If my listener poll is any guide to the looming Congressional vote, the president is in for a devastating rebuke from the Congress.

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg and I discuss the Marx Brothers’ aspect of the Administration’s incoherence here, and additional transcripts of my interviews with Juan Williams, Jonathan Alter and Daniel Silva will be posted later tonight.

Here is the opening of the conversation with Goldberg:

HH: At this hour, the Syrians have accepted a Russian offer to accept a John Kerry offer that the State Department assures us the Secretary of State did not actually make, but which the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, eagerly endorsed this afternoon. Meanwhile, President Obama stopped by a Congressional Black Caucus meeting with Susan Rice and stayed an hour. He’s speaking with Wolf Blitzer shortly. I’ll be speaking with Jon Kyl and Tom Cotton, Juan Williams, Jonathan Alter, Pastor Robert Jeffress, author Daniel Silva, all about this extraordinary sequence of events. And I begin with write for The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg. Jeffrey, welcome back. Is this a Marx Brothers movie or a clever, indeed a genius scheme to get the WMD from the Syrians and into the hands of the Russians?

JG: (laughing) You put it that way, it makes it sound so enticing. Well, I don’t, I’m in the camp of people who really don’t believe that he would give up all his chemical weapons.

HH: Right.

JG: And so, I mean, anything is possible, but what are we going to do exactly? We’re going to have inspectors roaming around the countryside in the middle of a war zone between Hezbollah and al Qaeda looking for chemical weapons depots, and then we’re going to secure them and drive them out? Who’s going to…

HH: Details, details, Jeffrey Goldberg (laughing).

JG: No, no, no. Look, I’m all for Assad not having chemical weapons. But you know, another question, by the way, by the way, another question is do the biological weapons that he has in storage, do those count as well?

HH: Oh, good point.

JG: No, I mean, these are details, I guess, right?

HH: Yeah. Now Senator Hoeven just minutes ago said he’s a no vote. And this is hemorrhaging faster than the Black Knight in Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

JG: (laughing) Yeah, no, no, we’re just having flesh wounds.

Flesh wounds, indeed.  The chat with Silva is particularly illuminating because what has transpired today would never occur even to the best of thriller writers.  It is too absurd, too preposterous.

Because the prestige of the U.S. matters more than any president, and because Congress is dealing itself a huge defeat –an argument limned by Jonathan Alter on air and here-– I still hope more GOPers will join Congressman Tom Cotton in supporting the AUMF.   It isn’t about the president.  It is about what our enemies see.

And what they see right now is a mark.




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