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Martha McSally On Her Closing Arument In The Arizona Senate Race

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Congresswoman Martha McSally joined me Monday morning:




HH: I’ve got to tell everyone vote, vote, vote. Please vote, especially in Arizona, because in Arizona, you might be resting on your laurels. Republicans ran up a 7.9% lead in the early vote. But Martha McSally will tell you, we need everyone to vote all day until the polls close on Tuesday. Col. McSally, Congresswoman extraordinaire from the Tucson area, first combat pilot woman in American history, welcome, great to have you on the program.

MM: Hey, good morning, Hugh. How are you doing today?

HH: I am great. I have told people since we first talked you’re my favorite candidate in this cycle, because you’re going to be a great, great senator. How does it feel? First of all, I’ve played the Arizona State University National Anthem like six times. Were you at all nervous? Or does that not compare to flying an A-10?

MM: Yeah, it doesn’t compare at all to flying an A-10. So you know, the only thing is the echo there can be a little distracting, as you probably heard. But I was really honored to be able to sing from the heart at that homecoming game. I don’t know if you saw, but Simena actually observed the coin toss.

HH: Yes.

MM: So that was probably apropos. People can just run with that however they want to.

HH: They did. I loved it. I don’t think they intended it to turn out that way, but boy, did you kill that Star-Spangled Banner. And you’re killing this campaign. Let’s talk about the closing hours of voting. You did very well in the get out the vote effort in the early voting. But we really do need people to show up.

MM: Well, absolutely, Hugh, and here’s the deal. Like typically, I don’t want to get into too many wonky numbers, but yeah, we’d prefer to have about a 10% advantage at this point. So it is a little bit lower. The Democrats have surged in their returning the early ballots in the last several days. And this is now still neck and neck. It’s no kidding, dead heat, too close to call. And it’s going to come down to turnout. So if you are in Arizona, and you have an early ballot sitting on your kitchen table, you’ve got to fill it out, and then you’ve got to drop it off at the polling places. You can’t put it in the mail. It won’t be counted. And then we need you to tell your friends and family, post on Facebook, send an email, tell your people at work, whatever it takes. If you’re an Election day voter, we need you to schedule that time and get to the polls. You don’t want to wake up on Wednesday morning and say oh, man, look, it was just a few hundred votes. I won my first race by 167 votes, right?

HH: Yes.

MM: So this is now down to not, I’ve done everything I can, Hugh. I mean, I am tirelessly, tirelessly campaigning to make sure that we win this seat and we hold and grow the Senate majority. It’s now up to the voters. It’s now up to our advocates. It’s now up to people who want to keep it going in the direction we’re going in the country, showing conservative policies work. And so I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart, please, don’t be on the sidelines. If you’re somebody who votes during presidential years and not midterms, we need you to get out there and vote. It is a turnout issue at this point, and we need that enthusiasm and support.

HH: And we need Martha McSally for a very specific reason. We lost John McCain. That meant losing one of the military’s great advocates. We have a caucus in that Senate of Tom Cotton and Senator Young and Senator Ernst and Senator Sullivan and Senator Duckworth as well of combat veterans. But it’s not big enough, Congresswoman McSally. We need people who’ve actually been there. And the Air Force really needs someone who’s flown an A-10 to talk about the A-10 for the future.

MM: Exactly. I mean, I would be actually the first ever Air Force Academy graduate in the Senate. We need combat veterans. The Senate very much deals with national security issues and making sure our military has everything they need. And Arizona, we have a long history of sending veterans and people who are leaders in national security. And my opponent can’t even find, probably, our enemies on a map. And when she’s engaged on these issues, she’s been a radical left activist wanting to slash our military, not supporting Israel, all the way around, wanting to shut down Luke Air Force Base, protesting us in a pink tutu. You know all the hits. And so the contrast is very real, very strong. She’s tried to reinvent herself, but it is so important that Arizona continues to have an advocate for national security and our military, and that we have more combat veterans in the Senate in the dangerous world we live in.

HH: I wanted to close on the positive, but I do have to say your opponent, when she hit stay at home moms, I thought of Mitt Romney campaigning with you in the heart of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints part of Arizona.

MM: Yeah.

HH: I think you’ll get the LDS vote, because honestly, Kyrsten Sinema attacked stay at home moms. That’s like political suicide.

MM: I know. I mean, this is one of many, she called them leeches. You know, this is one of many disqualifying things that she has said, you know, mocking our state, calling us crazy, the meth lab of democracy. I love Arizona. I think Arizona wants their next senator to be someone who loves this state and talks about that when they’re in Arizona and when they’re out of Arizona. There are so many issues where there’s a contrast. Really, the only reason this is close, Hugh, is because tens of millions of dollars have poured into her to prop her up as if she’s right of center, not as if she’s a Democrat. She has a radical past. Her voting record since she’s been in Congress is not strong. She’s voted against cutting taxes, rolling back regulation, and her shutting down the government over illegal immigration with Schumer. She voted, you know, to support sanctuary cities. I am going to continue to be a strong advocate for the things that matter to most Arizonans – support our military, keep our country safe, secure our border, lower taxes, less regulations, a booming economy. If people want to keep it going in the same direction, I need their vote.

HH: And you would have voted for Justice Kavanaugh, and she would have been a no.

MM: Yes.

HH: Look, while you were defending America, she was protesting our troops.

MM: Amen.

HH: Martha McSally, all the way to the finish line. I look forward to calling you Senator-Elect McSally on Wednesday. Thank you for joining me.

End of interview.


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