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Mark Steyn On Your EPA

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Columnist-to-the-world Mark Steyn joined me on Thursday’s program:


HH: Mark, I can’t imagine you’re a Jackson Brown fan. Maybe I’m wrong. Are you a Jackson Brown fan?

MS: Uh, I currently like “Lawyers in Love.”

HH: There you go (laughs).

MS: I don’t know whether or not that counts for you last night.

HH: I like the “Birds of St. Mark.” He said it’s a plea for a reunion toward the birds which I like, didn’t know about that. But there was only one bit of politics. He complimented Cuba on the reefs. He thinks the People’s Republic of Cuba has done a good job protecting their reefs so Jackson wasn’t really way out in left field last night but he was awfully good. He’s terrific.

MS: I agree with him there.   I think we should put Raul Castro in charge of the EPA. You’d get much better results. Jackson Brown’s on to something.

HH: Well, you know, I have talked – I’m gonna talk with Scott Walker about this – yesterday I talked with Donald Trump and Marco Rubio about this EPA thing. If there’s ever been a more obvious example of what the federal government delivers, it’s a yellow river full of lead at levels that will kill people if they drink enough of it.

MS: Yeah, yeah – “Yellow River,” that was a big hit for Lou Christie I think in the early ‘70s. That really is a great record. But the whole problem Hugh is that, you know, the lesson of the IRS is that if you said to the IRS what they say to their congressional investigators, you’d go to jail. In other words, if you were to say to them, “Well sorry, I lost all the paperwork and accidentally deleted it and the servers broken and there’s no way I can get it back” – you’d go to jail if you were to say to the IRS what the IRS [said] to congressional investigators. Now we learn that it’s exactly – this is a much more vivid example – now we learn it’s exactly the same thing with the EPA what happened to British Petroleum is not gonna happen to the guy who run the EPA. And that’s the way it is with every government bureaucracy. They impose rules on you that they don’t live by and that – whatever the word is for that is – it’s not a republic because if the bureaucracy imposed these rules, they should be bound by them, too.

HH: Now I wanna do a test on my audience if they know the name Shaun McGrath. Shaun McGrath turns out to be the regional administrator of the EPA, formerly the mayor of Boulder. He joined the Obama administration as the deputy director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House in January of 2009. He is a political hack just like the OPM director Katherine Archuleta was a political hack. And Gina McCarthy didn’t show up at the “Yellow River” for a week. She’s running EPA. Remember the heck of job Brownie – remember after Katrina when it wasn’t even Bush’s fault that the mayor and the governor couldn’t get their acts together? This is a – they actually caused it! They punched the hole in the dyke, Mark! And no one knows the name or the fact that they’re political hacks from Team Obama.

MS: No, I know! And you know, the funny thing about it is all the people that I hear from because I’m in a big climate lawsuit at the moment, so I get hammered as a denier by all the usual people – the people that know the name of every Koch brother. The people who find if there’s some “Zeppo” Koch is sitting on the board of some obscure NPR affiliate in the middle of nowhere – we’ll bombard NPR to demand that “Zeppo” Koch be removed from the board of advisors to the NPR affiliate. None of them are advertising the names. It’s the usual big climate mafia’s code of omerta. They all circle the wagons around the guilty bureaucrats here and the way that they wouldn’t if it was the Koch brothers or the Keystone pipeline or that chairman of BP who behold before Congress.

HH: This really fits with your new book, A Disgrace to the Profession, because it is a disgrace to the profession. Your argument with Michael Mann on climate – here we have a real example where there are twelve thousand times the lawful levels of lead in this river now headed towards Mexico and Utah. People could get really sick doing this, but we have no coverage, yet we’re worried about the mythical rise of the oceans fifty years from now because the former was done by the Left on the orders by the Left in an attempt to take over the clean-up of Colorado mines and the other is a hypothetical imaginary threat that benefits the agenda of the Left. I don’t think it’s ever been this obvious to people.

MS: No! GQ Magazine – not GQ, Esquire Magazine – just last month, had a big feature on climate depression. This is where climate scientists are now separating from what they call pre-traumatic stress disorder. You know, post-traumatic stress disorder is just some nothing little thing you get if you happen to be blown up by some crazy guys in Afghanistan or Iraq. But the much more serious disease according to Esquire is pre-traumatic stress disorder that you get from worrying about sea levels in the Maldives at the beginning of the 22nd century.

HH: That’s not true.

MS: . . . You have something that is happening right now, but because it doesn’t suit the politics, because it doesn’t suit their preferred government solution to everything – all these people – including the guy who’s suing me are silent about it.

HH: That can’t be true. Esquire really ran a story on pre-climate change depression?

MS: Yeah!

HH: (laughs)

MS: These are people who know – it says something – the headline had me fallen off my chair with laughter. It’s something like, “when the end of human civilization is your day job.” And in actual fact, that’s what’s gotten them into trouble. That’s why all their models – the climate models and all the rest of it – are inaccurate. The “end of human civilization” is not their “day job.” Going out and taking the temperature is their day job.

HH: (laughs)

MS: This kind of absurd, stupid, self-aggrandizing job inflation that I think has done huge damage to the environmental movement as a whole. And this ridiculous transnational bureaucracy jetting around the world only – they’re about to meet in Paris in a couple of months time – they’ll be meeting in Paris and again, what they want – what happened in the EPA is because you have a big national bureaucracy covering a vast country – they want to have a big transnational bureaucracy covering the globe so that if something goes wrong in some river in Colorado, you pick up the phone and you have to find some guy in Geneva or Copenhagen to call and complain because your river’s yellow.

HH: Could you get them – if they offered – to have a book signing of a Disgrace to the Profession at the next climate gathering.

MS: (laughs) I would love to be.

HH: (laughs)

MS: . . . The last time I was in a big court case, the judges rebuked me for autographing books at the well of the court (7:33??). Needless to say, only taught to order up an extra palette. And I would (both laugh) happy to do the same thing at the big Paris climate conference.

HH: Oh my goodness, I gotta ask you about one more story. Over at the Daily Beast – John Schindler, who’s really one of the better intelligence professionals who’ve come up from behind their security clearances to talk about Hilarygate – points out that the compromise of national security in Hilary’s emails and server is so huge that the secret sensitive information, “CSITK No Foreign” – that means “No foreigners may read it” – I don’t if you qualify given that you’re a naturalized citizen but you might.

MS: No, I do. I have to be escorted everywhere in the White House because I was not born in the United States. That doesn’t apply, by the way, to the transgendered undocumented immigrant who heckled the president. He got a pass on that.

HH: One of the code-words is called “TK” – refers to “talent keyhole” – which could view to other holes as well. They took all of this. They conspired to take it out of the government. They hid it. They have violated laws that make David Petraues’ criminality look like kindergarten recess pushing-around. And I think they’re gonna get away with it because they’re the Clintons, Mark Steyn.

MS: Well, I think that is possibly true, but I’m not a conspiracy theorist – but one thing that’s struck me about events around Benghazi, not just in Libya, but also to do with other embassies in the region – is that the guys causing all the trouble overrunning the embassies and all the rest of it – were incredibly well-informed. I think it’s highly likely that people hacked into Mrs. Clinton’s emails early and often and for that reason – the fact that it’s got this far, the fact that she was obliged to actually hand it over to criminal investigators – I mean, I love all this stuff – you know the FBI. . . It’s not a criminal investigation as if the FBI just does these little family court things–

HH: (laughs)

MS: . . . In traffic courts. They don’t do non-criminal investigations. This is gone – so in that sense, you know, we have a presidential candidate who’s under criminal investigation. Bernie Sanders is ahead in New Hampshire. I think he’ll hold that lead and at some point, the question is whether the Democratic Party wants to slide off the cliff with Mrs. Clinton on this.

HH: “All the king’s horses, all the king’s men.” Twenty-seconds. Donald Trump was on with me yesterday. Is his momentum getting bigger or smaller, Mark Steyn.

MS: Well the thing about it is he – whether it’s getting bigger or smaller, as your interview exemplied – he’s having a grand, ol’ time. And he’s having fun, and as long as he’s having fun, he’s gonna stay in the race.

HH: Amen to that. Mark Steyn, always a pleasure.! Go get his brand-new book. Order ten copies and send them to parents in advance – A Disgrace to the Profession. Spread it around to your climate-fearing friends. Stay tuned.


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