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Mark Steyn on the latest extreme friend of Barack Obama

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HH: Joined now by Mark Steyn of, Columnist To the World. Mark, when’s your trial start?

MS: It begins Monday at the Robson Square Courthouse in Vancouver.

HH: And how are we going to keep track of the blow by blow? Will you be blogging your own trial?

MS: It was decided that it might not be appropriate for me to blog it, but Macleans Magazine is sending a very distinguished correspondent to blog it on Macleans’ website.

HH: And about how often, how long do we expect this to go on for?

MS: Well, I think they’re scheduled to, I would imagine, run that whole week, and then they will recess for a bit, because they don’t like to overexert themselves, these human rights commissars. So after a week of listening to evidence, they’ll, I think they’ll need to retire to relax and unwind. But it should go on all week.

HH: Will you be bouncing up and down and crying j’accuse and I object, or anything like that?

MS: It’s a very peculiar court system, but there will be, there will be proper cross examination of their witnesses and that kind of thing.

HH: And you will be there throughout?

MS: Yeah, I’ve actually got a, one evening, I have a rather prior engagement in New York, but other than that, I’ll be there.

HH: Well, we hope to check in with you from Canada, then, and good luck in this. I think this is one of the…I can’t believe they’re going through with it. What fools they are, but I guess they are. And by the way, the Belmont Club quoted a speech you gave in Vancouver recently, which I think is very remarkable and on point, and I hope that the international media is paying attention to this. And by the way, has P.E.N. risen to your defense yet, you know, the writers?

MS: Yeah, P.E.N. – Canada, which is all those unreadable Canadian novelists, to their credit, they have come out in support of me, I think in part because Robert Ferrigno’s excellent novel, Prayers For The Assassin, is one of the subjects of this complaint. My review of his novel, in which I simply described elements of the plot of his novel, such as the fact that under the Islamic republic of America, at the Super Bowl in 2040, it would be all male cheerleaders. And these buffoons at the Canadian Islamic Congress don’t seem to understand that a novel is a work of fiction, and complained to these human rights commissions, Steyn says that because of Islam, there will be all male cheerleaders at the Super Bowl. And the boneheads at these various human rights commissions are even dimmer than the Canadian Islamic Congress, and they don’t seem to realize that a novel is a work of fiction, and they also went along and decided to prosecute me on the basis of this.

HH: What buffoons is right. Well, we will follow it with great attention next week through Macleans’ website. Mark, we have another friend of Obama controversy breaking out today. Father Michael Pfeger joins the distinguished group of Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Tony Rezko. And he was preaching this past Sunday at Barack Obama’s church, Trinity. I’m going to play you two cuts from it. Here’s cut number 24, again, this was only this past Sunday:

MP: We have to be honest enough to address the one who says well, don’t hold me responsible for what my ancestors did. But you have enjoyed the benefits of what your ancestors did. And unless you are ready to give up the benefits, throw away your 401 fund, throw away your trust fund, throw away all the money that put away in the company you walked into, because your daddy and your granddaddy and your great-granddaddy…unless you’re willing to give up the benefits, then you must be responsible for what was done in your generation, because you are the beneficiaries of this insurance policy.

HH: You hear the Trinity Church applauding. That’s Barack Obama’s congregation applauding. One more cut, Mark Steyn, cut number 25, where he mocks Hillary Clinton:

MP: We must be honest enough to expose white entitlement and supremacy wherever it raises its head. I’ve said before, and I really don’t want to make this political, because you know I’m very unpolitical (laughter). But Reverend Moss, when Hillary was crying, people said that was put on. I really don’t believe it was put on. I really believe that she just always thought this is mine. I’m Bill’s wife, I’m white, and this is mine. I just got to get up and step into the plate. And then out of nowhere came hey, I’m Barack Obama. And she said oh, damn, where did you come from? I’m white, I’m entitled. There’s a black man stealing my show (mock crying). She wasn’t the only one crying. There was a whole lot of white people crying. I’m sorry, I don’t want to get you in any more trouble. The live streaming just went out again.

HH: Mark Steyn, your reaction?

MS: Well, clearly, Jeremiah Wright and his God Damn America Sunday are not some kind of aberration in the history of this church. This is the ugliest kind of race baiting. You know, when he goes on, there were a whole lot of other white people crying, the day that Hillary Clinton cried on the stump in New Hampshire was a couple of days after Barack Obama had just won the caucuses in Iowa, an overwhelmingly white state where he received the votes of huge numbers of white people. And I don’t believe the white people, since we’re now talking about race, race, race, race, race, I don’t believe the white people of Iowa voted for Barack Obama because they wanted a candidate who would be peddling this entirely obsolescent and irrelevant racial grievance, which is a fine racket for the people who are making a living from it like this guy, but is otherwise irrelevant to white people’s lives in America, and is deeply destructive of black people’s lives in America. There’s great peril for Barack Obama if this emerges as where he’s lived for the last twenty years.

HH: Well, it is where he’s lived. In fact, Jake Tapper over at ABC writes that Pfleger is the pastor at St. Sabina’s Catholic Church. He’s a “longtime friend and associate of Senator Barack Obama, having known him since the presidential hopeful was a community activist. In September, the Obama campaign brought Pfleger to Iowa to host one of several interfaith forums for the campaign. Their relationship spans decades. Pfleger has given money to Obama’s campaigns, and Obama as a state legislator directed at least $225,000 dollars towards social programs at St. Sabina’s, according to the Chicago Tribune.” And the people are applauding.

MS: Yeah.

HH: This is his church, Mark Steyn.

MS: Yes, I know, and I think this is where his Claude Raines Casablanca impression, professing to be shocked, shocked at belatedly discovering the truth about Jeremiah Wright, it’s not just five or six sermons by Jeremiah Wright. It’s not just Jeremiah Wright, it’s the church, and it’s the congregation. And it’s simply implausible the idea that Barack Obama was the only guy sitting on his hands during the last twenty years of this kind of stuff. It’s pretty clear, by the way, that this isn’t any kind of church in the sense that there’s not a lot of contemplation of the Divine going on in this joint, and that it is essentially a political operation, and apparently, a very effective one. But I do think that that actually changes the nature of who Barack Obama is in terms of how he’s presented himself to the nation.

HH: The second big problem for Barack Obama is the revelation this week he hasn’t been to Iraq except once, two days in January of ’06, and he hasn’t been back, and he’s never met privately with Petraeus, to which…I’m still astonished by that. I’ve been thinking about that all night long. He wants to be commander in chief in the middle of the war, and he hasn’t been to the central theater in that war in over two years.

MS: Well, no, but be fair to him, Hugh. He’s pledged to go anywhere, anytime, to speak with Ahmadinejad and Kim Jung Il and Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro. And if you’ve got that kind of open-ended commitment to jet around the world, chit-chatting with dictators, you probably don’t have a lot of time in your hectic schedule to go to an American theater of war and visit with American generals. Give the guy a break, Hugh.

HH: Any doubt in your mind he is the most outside of the mainstream major party nominee in the history of modern American politics?

MS: Yes, I think he is, and I think there is actually, it would be an extraordinary act if the American people were to elect this man to high office, not just because he is deeply unqualified and unserious, but simply because when you scrape away the glamour and the aura and the sheen of Obama, what is there is someone who has spent, who chose, by the way, he didn’t come from that background, but chose to immerse himself in one of the most extreme and unrepresentative segments of American life.

HH: Mark Steyn, always a pleasure. Good luck next week, we’ll follow it closely on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

End of interview.


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