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Mark Steyn On President Obama’s Threat To Betray Israel At U.N.

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Mark Steyn opened today’s show and used Marco Rubio’s barnburner on the Senate floor to set a fire of his own:




HH: I never thought I’d lead a show by reporting this, but I have to tell you what is in the New York Times at this hour. Obama administration officials said Wednesday that in light of the statement made by Netanyahu before the election, they would consider supporting a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for the establishment of a sovereign Palestine roughly along the pre-1967 lines that divided Israel from the West Bank. It means that the United States is in the position to reevaluate our thinking, the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, said, adding that Mr. Netanyahu’s comments backing away from support for a two-state solution, “do have consequences for actions that we take at the United Nations and other places,” a threat that I never expected to hear. Mark Steyn, Columnist To the World, welcome, what do you make of this turn of events?

MS: Well, I think it’s desperate. Obama and the administration made it clear that they wanted Netanyahu to lose this election to the extent that apparently my and your taxpayer dollars was spent on some organization that wanted anybody but Netanyahu to win. He picked the wrong fight. And as a result, Netanyahu not just won the election, but he emerged stronger. When you stand up to the so-called global superpower and you whip them, you emerge stronger. That’s the same position ISIS is in since Obama decided to bomb them in a desultory and ineffective fashion. And for, and you would have thought they would have gotten the message and gone quiet on that. And instead, they’re now proposing, in effect, to change sides and join those European foreign ministers who have fetishized the Palestinians as their house pet, and in effect support the immediate creation of a Palestinian state regardless of whether the Palestinians are actually competent to run a state. It’s an amazing, it’s an amazing performance. By the way, if you’re waiting for the late-breaking Palestinian election results, they haven’t held an election in a decade. Since Abbas and the other kleptocrat losers who inherited Arafat’s disgusing sqat in the West Bank, they haven’t finished bulking up their Swiss bank accounts with Euro-American taxpayer subsidies, yet. And the other guys in Hamas, in Gaza, who won the election in 2006, they take the same view as a lot of these guys do, that under Islam, democracy is a train you ride once until it gets you where you’re going. And once you’re in power, you don’t hold another election.

HH: And if you’re waiting for the Twitterific response of Hillary Clinton, who took to Twitter to support the President’s immigration lawlessness, and then to ask the State Department to post the documents she apparently deleted, Hillary’s been silent on this turnabout and betrayal of Israel. But Marco Rubio hasn’t. Let me play for you, Mark Steyn, a little of Senator Rubio on the floor less than an hour ago, cut number two, please:

MR: Let’s begin by the aftermath of this recent election. As far as I know, maybe this has changed in the last few hours, after this election, the President has yet to call the Prime Minister. That is unlike, of course, the fact that in March of 2012, he was among the first to call and congratulate Putin in Moscow, or that in June of 2012, he was among the first to call Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood when they won the Egyptian presidency, or that in November of 2012, he called to congratulate the top Chinese communists on their new position, which by the way is not elected in the way that you and I would consider there to be an election, or the fact that in 2013, the historic phone call they brag about, how they called the Iranian president and congratulated him on his election. And of course, in August of 2014, he called to congratulate Turkey’s president, Erdogan, and on and on. Time and again, this president has made a habit of quickly calling these leaders when they win, but as of 4:40 Eastern time, as far as I know, that call has yet not been made.

HH: Mark Steyn, Marco Rubio also went on to point out the difference between Iranian and Israeli elections, cut number five:

MR: An election just happened two days ago. The first thing the White House says is you used a lot of divisive language in that election. And that is saying a lot from someone who’s been elected at least once, probably twice on extremely divisive language. But what about when Iran had a fraudulent election in 2009, and the people of Iran took the streets to protest in the famous Green Revolution? You know what the White House said? We’re not going to comment on that election, because we’re not going to interfere in the sovereignty of Iran. So they will comment on the elections of an ally, calling the rhetoric of the election divisive, but when an enemy, which is what Iran is, has a fraudulent election and kills people that protest against it, we can’t comment, we can’t comment, because that would be infringing on their sovereignty.

HH: Mark Steyn, I think Marco Rubio has got the President’s number here.

MS: Yeah, I’d like to hear more of that side of Marco Rubio. That was cracking stuff. What I find interesting about this, Hugh, is that everybody in that region despises this president. And I don’t use that word lightly. I mean it. Rubio touched on some of the phone calls that Obama placed to that Muslim Brotherhood guy and all the rest of it. General Sisi, whose taken over in Egypt, despises this president. The House of Saud despises this president. King Abdullah in Jordan despises this president. What remains of the Libyan government despise, that had to flee, that had to flee the capital, despises this president. And now the very last remaining little sliver of turf in the region, Obama is doing his best to ensure total regional contempt from Morocco all the way over to Pakistan, absolutely contempt for this president.

HH: Now I’ve got to play for you as well, Mark, and I’ll connect the dots in a moment. This is Dick Durbin earlier this week talking about, and it may have been today, talking about the fact that Mitch McConnell is blocking a vote on the attorney general nomination of Loretta Lynch because of a filibuster against a human trafficking prevention bill. Here’s Dick Durbin talking about that blockage by Mitch McConnell.

DD: The fact is there is no substantive reason to stop this nomination, but the Republican majority leader announced over the weekend that he was going to hold this nomination of Loretta Lynch until the bill which is pending before the Senate passes, whenever that may be. And so Loretta Lynch, the first African-American woman nominated to be attorney general, is asked to sit in the back of the bus when it comes to the Senate calendar. That is unfair. It’s unjust.

HH: Now Mark Steyn, back of the bus is the race card. Now if we apply the logic of Dick Durbin, that your actions can be used to decipher racism, what are we to make of the actions of the President vis-à-vis Netanyahu and Israel?

MS: Oh, I know, I know. If you were to make, if you would apply the same level of cheap interpretation that Dick Durbin does, you would easily see that as anti-Semitic. And in fact, I think you can make the case, actually, that there is a certain anti-Jewish animus at the highest levels of this administration. The fact is you know, Loretta Lynch is being held up because she’s Loretta Lynch, not because she’s the first this or the first that. I couldn’t care less. By the way, I’m so bored about this. We are living in epic times. And this idea that we’re supposed to be excited because it’s the first native American transsexual to be head of the Department of the Interior bores the pants off me. Is there nothing else that this shabby, worthless sort of identity politics notches on your escutcheon that any of these guys play?

HH: Mark, it’s…

MS: She’s the attorney general [nominee] of the United States. And what I would like, by the way, is a law, a chief law officer of the United States who will enforce the law impartially. I found one of the most extraordinary things regarding the Hillary email basis, that yes, General Petraeus had to plead guilty to a crime over it, but that in the case of Hillary, because she’s such an important person, the attorney general will discuss with the President whether there should be any action taken against her. I’d like a chief law officer of the United States who applies the law impartially to all 300 million. And I don’t care whether they’re an African-American female or a female to male transgender or anything else. I’ll just take someone who’d like to apply the law impartially.

HH: Well, don’t hold your breath.

MS: …I’m bored with it, frankly, over the last few years.

HH: But the reason we’re doing all this, I want to give you the last 45 seconds, the only people this president isn’t afraid of are Republicans. He is afraid of the rest of the world. He doesn’t know how to deal with it. And so all he does is domestic politics, Mark. That’s my opinion, because it’s the only thing he has a clue about and isn’t afraid of.

MS: That’s absolutely right. The French wanted this pathetic deal with Iran to be 25 years long .He was too scared of the Iranians to go for that, so he cut it back to 10 years. He gets rolled by the mullahs, he gets rolled by Putin, he gets rolled by Assad. The only people he can walk along the beach and kick the sand out of are the emaciated husks of the Republican leadership, who can’t just play this game.

HH: Mark Steyn, always bracing to open the program with you. Read everything Mark writes at

End of interview.


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