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Mark Steyn On Hillary’s “Marked Classified” Dodge

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HH: I’m so glad that you joined me today as I’m glad that Mark Steyn, Columnist of the World joins me as he does on Thursdays when I am lucky. Mark, how are you?
MS: Hey, I’m doing great, Hugh.

HH: I want to begin with something that Hilary Clinton said yesterday. There’s so much to talk about, including the fact this terrible tragedy of fifty dead immigrants and a crisis that she started in Libya. Right? The people in that truck go right back to the Libyan interventon. Am I wrong in saying that, Mark Steyn?

MS: Oh no, not at all. She thought Libya was just the thing where you go in and knock a pockmarked, old desert drag queen whose outlived his usefulness. She was the one behind the Libyan intervention in Washington, and she thought it could be accomplished without any thought as to what followed Gaddafi is the fact that ISIS controlled all those Libyan ports and have been sending all these ship of refugees to southern Italy and other parts of Europe.

HH: I want to preempt criticism. If the people who turn out to be dead in that truck are not Libyan, that does not deny the part an immigration crisis is started in Europe triggered by this Libyan exodus that takes up all the ability of the formal states to deal with refugees and people on the move.

MS: Just to be clear there, Hugh. Everyone in the Middle East and North Africa is on the move at the moment, but what has happened is that those ports in Libya are not just shipping Libyans out, they’re also shipping people from parts of West Africa out. They’re also shipping people who have been fleeing Syria, Iraq, and Egypt. Those ports that ISIS now controls are the easiest jumping off points to getting to Italy for anybody in a wide swath of the Maghreb and the Middle East.

HH: And so, it really doesn’t matter – well, it’s terrible that people are dead – but their ethnicity doesn’t go to my point which I think you agree with me on Mark which is setting off this crisis was done when we toppled Gaddafi because it unleashed this chaos. And the chaos will be connected to – causation goes back to it – but she escapes that. Instead, she gets away with saying things like this in Iowa yesterday. . .

HC: I’m confident that this process will prove that I never sent nor received any email that was marked classified. And I’m going to keep talking about what the American people talk to me about. What’s on their minds.

MS: You know, Mark, that ought to get a separate exhibit in the Clinton Library because it is pitch-perfect Clintonianism. Email that was marked classified and then a variation of “I’m going to get back to the work the American people elected me to do.”

MS: Right, right. All while standing in front of a John Deere tractor which presumably she uses to plow or whatever bit of lawn in Chappaqua – that she’s got the original emails buried under.

HH: (laughs)

MS: I think this getting more serious day by day in part because we now learned some of the content as I said on your show a few weeks ago. We now learned that in at least one 2011 email, Ambassador Stevens of Libya – his travel movements were actually discussed in one of these emails. We know that other allies did not want to use Hilary’s private email. For example, the foreign British Secretary at that time, David Milibrand. So all the foreign ministers – the other foreign ministers know when they talk to each other, they’re speaking on encrypted emails, and they don’t want to do the same with Hilary Clinton because she’s on this “mom & pop” thing that she’s got going and they know that that’s not secure. And then we learn from the way – it’s physically impossible on certain government computers to send a classified email to a non-classified address. So in other words, if something is marked as top-secret or confidential or whatever – you can’t actually forward to Secretary Clinton. So it’s now becoming clear that her aides had to actually sort of disable and de-classify and remove the official government markings in order to send them to her, and that does look very much like explicit criminal activity–

HH: Oh it’s 18 USC 1924. Yep. I had Mike–

MS: . . . So that’s why the level of concern is suddenly upgraded in recent days.

HH: . . . I had Congressman Mike Pompeo yesterday and the transcript is posted and the audio’s available at HughHewitt.Com, Mark Steyn. He walked through what they’re doing. Anyone with even a whiff of prosecutorial experience will immediately recognize they’re saving her for last. They’re putting everyone under oath. They’re deposing them at length and they’re building a nightmare for her because she knew. And that’s why she said so carefully – listen to this again when she uses her “um” – she knows she has to go full Bill Clinton here and get it exactly right. Cut number one. . .

HC: I’m confident–

HH: I’m confident. . .

HC: . . . that this process will prove that I never sent nor received any email that was marked classifed-

HH: And so Mark – did you hear that – how she paused and she had to think that through very carefully?

MS: Yeah, and I think if you actually see the video of that, you actually see her glance down at the paper to check whether she’s got the wording correct. And I think the question is – as you say – they’re now doing the classic thing that they do when they want to get Ken Laird of Enron or whatever. When you want to nail the CEO, you try and turn the CFO and they’re essentially doing that. They are going to call in Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin and all these people who dream of being Chief of Staff in a Hilary Clinton administration. And the question is whether if they’re looking at serious prosecution whether they’re going to want to the rap for Hilary. I don’t believe – at some point, she will pull out an exchange for an understand from Obama that’s there’s going to be pardons for the entire Clinton inner circle who protected her, who ensured that no American ally – regardless whether our enemies do about this – the only American ally in London, Paris, or anywhere else felt that it was safe to commuicate with America’s principal foreign affairs officials.

HH: The pressure is growing. Coming up after the break, Marco Rubio joins me. Hilary was in Ohio today. Listen to this bit, Mark Steyn.

HC: Marco Rubio – the exile wanting to deny victims of rape and incest access to healthcare and to abortion. Jeb Bush says Planned Parenthood shouldn’t get a penny. Your governor right in Ohio banned safe funding for some rape crisis centers because they sometimes refer women to other health facilities that do provide abortions. I would like these Republican candidates to look their mom in the eye – who caught her breast cancer early – if she was able to get a screening for cancer (audience clapping). Or the teenager who didn’t get pregnant because she had access to contraception (audience clapping). Or anyone who’s ever been protected by HIV tests. Now extreme use about women – we expect that from someone of terrorist roots. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world. But it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the President of the United States–

HH: So Mark Steyn, Hilary Clinton just compared Republicans to extremist groups – to terrorists. Scott Walker was once accused of doing that when he did not do that. Now, she has done it and no one seems to notice.

MS: No, and in fact, the reality of the situation here is that if you want to do those kind of crude comparisons – the head-choppers in the Islamic State are doing purely for fun. The head-choppers of Planned Parenthood are shipping baby heads – decapitated baby heads around the country – are doing it for profit. It’s absolutely indefensible. It’s absolutely indefensible, this. And the idea that it’s – America has the most depraved and evil abortion regime on the planet. Planned Parenthood performs more abortions than France, Germany, and Canada combined. And the idea that it’s somehow some cancer testing or HIV testing organization is completely ridiculous. And again, this is a test for I think Republican muscle whether they’re going to have old “War on Women” tag hung around their necks again when in fact, they’re joking in Planned Parenthood offices about disease-ridden the procedures are. They’re joking on some of these videos about it, or whether they’re actually going to push back against Hilary Clinton. And she’s got nothing to say. She would be able to survive – not maybe survive – but she would able to deflect the email thing if she had a policy. If she had a slogan. If she was running on anything other than the fact she feels entitled to be president because Bill Clinton cheated on her on the most public way twenty years ago.

HH: Mark Steyn, always a pleasure to talk to you. SteynOnline.Com, America. Don’t go anywhere. Marco Rubio joins me after the break to talk that attack and whether or not there will be push-back the sort Mark Steyn just described. Stay tuned, it’s the Hugh Hewitt Show.






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