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Mark Steyn on Barack Obama’s 40 car slumming through Minnesota tour

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GB: We begin with the biggest guest we could ask for, the incomparable Columnist To the World, Mark Steyn, Mark, good day to you.

MS: Hey, greetings, Guy, great to have another Ron Paulista on the show. It was his…do you remember last election season when all the candidates did Christmas messages – Hillary and Giuliani, they all got into the Andy Williams Christmas sweater…

GB: Yup.

MS: …and did Christmas campaign messages. And Ron Paul was the only one who did his with an artificial tree. So even on the ol’ Christmas message, he was a lone, idiosyncratic voice.

GB: Mark, I have to know what you think about Rick Perry. The rehabilitation of President Bush has been remarkable over the last few days, because they are clearing the decks for the crucifixion of the new, New Hitler. What do you think of that?

MS: Yeah, yeah, somewhere in Texas, another village is missing its idiot. And I think, yeah, it’s fascinating to me. I mean, clearly the guy, because he’s the longest serving governor in Texas history, has a hell of a paper trail. And there’s basically something, there will be something for everyone to dislike in there. But I think you should, you should always listen carefully when the media just decide to pounce like vultures and pick a guy’s bones clean, because they’re telling you what they fear. And the fact that they don’t do it with certain candidates tells you that they have no fear of those candidates winning the nomination. I’m always interested in who the mainstream media is in most of a hurry to demonize, because it’s telling you whom they fear the most.

HH: Well, we found out over the last few days, via MSNBC, that Rick Perry is both a segregationist and a racist.

MS: Yes, that’s right. And of course, he wants to have Ben Bernanke killed.

GB: Naturally. After seceding from the Union.

MS: Yeah, yeah, with the first order of business, when Texas secedes from the Union, will be to send some crack team in to abduct Ben Bernanke and put him up against the wall in Laredo or somewhere.

GB: Mark, I have your new book, After America. I started reading it on my flight from Iowa out here to California. And the way that I describe it is as I’ve started reading it, I’m about three chapters in, I am crying tears of laughter and despair. And I’m not sure, I kind of fluctuate back and forth between finding it hilarious and deeply depressing. The woman actually sitting next to me on the flight kept looking over me like there was something wrong with me, which I’m sure there is. But as I read your description of where this country is headed, I couldn’t help but think of the images we’ve seen beamed across the Atlantic from Great Britain, the rioting in the streets because some people are unhappy with the austerity measures that are being put into place by the Cameron government. And I’m wondering if that is a sneak peak of a scene coming soon to a U.S. city near you.

MS: Oh, I think so. I mean, one of the points I try to make, I mean, basically those loons in London are re-enacting Chapter Five of my book, this is what, you know, Chapter Five would look like if it was a reality TV show. And as much as I’m grateful to them for burning London to the ground as a publicity tie-in, it is actually tragic. In 1940, London burned. It burned not because morons were setting fire to their own neighborhoods, but because the Luftwaffe was trying to flatten the last country to stand against them, the last obstacle to them taking total control of Europe. And the grandparents and great-grandparents of these brain dead morons in the streets of London took that every night. They took their homes being bombed, there was no urge to surrender, no urge to accept what the rest of Europe had accepted. They took that. And the lesson we see, when we see their maligned progeny burning their own neighborhoods to the ground seventy years later is that you can transform the human capital of a nation much quicker than you think. And when you look at what’s happening in the Wisconsin State Fair, you look at these flash mobs in convenience, 7-11 and other stores, it’s not difficult to imagine how that would go in an America that is permanently poorer and broker, and bankrupt, and with even fewer jobs for millions and millions of people.

HH: Mark Steyn, one of the brain dead morons in chief, if you will, is British “actor” Russell Brand, who is married to Katy Perry.

MS: Right.

HH: He wrote a piece about this, blaming the whole situation and social upheaval on Margaret Thatcher. Here’s what he says. “These young people have no sense of community, because they haven’t been given one. They have no stake in society, because Cameron’s mentor, Margaret Thatcher, said there’s no such thing.” He concludes, “As we sweep away the mistakes made in the selfish, nocturnal darkness, we much ensure that amidst the broken glass and sadness, we don’t sweep away the youth lost amongst the shards in the shadows cast by the new dawn.” Can you make heads or tails of that, Mark?

MS: No. The guy is a fool. I mean, it’s fascinating to me the change…you had a lot of this stuff when the burning began, and it was in the less fashionable cottier (sp?), the less fashionable zip codes of London, if you will. And then, as they started moving into the center and burning down closer to where all these celebrity lefties live, the mood began to turn. But the fact is these are people who are, a fifth of British children, for example, are raised in homes where no one works. In other words, they’re used to having their accommodation, their food, their drink, their drugs, their X-Boxes, their iPods and other toys provided by the state. And the idea that a guy, someone in the house gets up in the morning and gets dressed and goes out the door and does not return until late afternoon when the day’s labors have been completed, that is an entirely alien ritual to these people, and to anyone they know. It’s the exact opposite of what Russell Brand was saying. They have been taught by the big government welfare state, they are absolved of the need to work, they’re absolved of the need for community, they’re absolved of the need for anything except the most pathetic kind of sensual self-gratification through their crummy, dreary, little electronic toys.

GB: We’re speaking with Mark Steyn, Columnist To the World, author of the new book, After America, which spells out in stark relief, and really in a distressing way, the impending fiscal Armageddon that is about to visit itself upon the United States. But not to fear, Mark Steyn, President Obama has a plan. It involves patent reform and a speech that he’s going to give after his Martha’s Vineyard vacation…

MS: Right.

GB: …where he might remind America that, “We’ve had a run of bad luck.” A run of bad luck.

MS: Yeah, yeah. Funnily enough, his luck seems to be going okay. He’s got Martha’s Vineyard. But yeah, he’s blamed the economy of the Japanese tsunami and the Arab spring.

GB: Yes.

MS: These Libyan guys, the economy here was going gangbusters until these Libyan rebels took Benghazi. Then the whole thing cratered. What terrible bad luck. And then again, just as Recovery Summer is getting going once again, there’s a crack in the Earth in Japan, and the entire U.S. economy slides into it. Boom, there it goes. Bad luck. Bad luck. Who would have thought that the smartest president in history, but he just hit a run of bad luck. I think this president doesn’t have bad luck. He had bad judgment. That’s why he’s in Martha’s Vineyard. The optics of him cavorting in this elite playground, and then descending on small towns in Minnesota with a forty car motorcade, he’s got his bus and a forty car motorcade. That’s more cars than there are in some of these towns. He looks ridiculous. He looks like a man playing at slumming. What’s that old Irving Berlin song? Let’s Go Slumming. You know, back in the 30s when the Park Avenue types used to go slumming up in Harlem. When you take a forty car motorcade to some broken down town in Minnesota, he looks like a Martha’s Vineyard guy slumming in small town America.

GB: Last question. We’re hearing reports in the New York Times and elsewhere that the administration is considering consolidating a number of government agencies into one grand Department of Jobs, Mark Steyn.

MS: Right, right. My response was I thought we actually needed a Department of Departments to coordinate coordination between these departments. Obviously, that wouldn’t include bureaus and agencies. We’d need a separate Agency Czar and a Bureau Czar for that. And we’d need Jamie Gorelick to build a wall of separation between the Secretary of Departments, and the Agency Czar. But building a wall of separation between the departments would, I think, revitalize the construction trade. It’s an ingenious solution.

GB:, where you can get your autographed copy of After America. Mark Steyn, as always, a great treat. Man, I wish I were as eloquent and funny as him.

End of interview.


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