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Mark Steyn Live Blogging The Trial Of Conrad Black

Saturday, March 24, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Thanks to Powerline’s Scott Johnson for pointing me to this: Mark Steyn has been dispatched to cover the trial of Conrad Black by MacLean’s.

I am about to settle in for a long read –I just don’t much about this case or Mr. Black, or even if I care to know– but I do know that Steyn admires Black and that his pen at work will be marvelous to read.  Recall Dominick Dunne’s dispatches from the O.J. trial?  This is a significant upgrade.

And it is also a pretty significant innovation: MacLean’s has hired one of the best scribblers to go to a unique event and blog on it –thus raising the internet traffic of its site significantly I would guess.  How long before other web portals figure out that sending, say, Lileks to cover the Masters, Glenn Reynolds to cover NAB or paying Tom Maguire for his Libby trial reporting or to sit in on every Supreme Court oral argument would be a fine investment. The byline has become the brand, and web sites will soon be competing for those bylines on a for hire basis.

At least they will be if they weren’t struggling under the rules of the guild, obliged to pretend that their staff writers were the equal of all the world’s, and that talent didn’t matter.

UPDATE: Be sure to start at the first entry, here.  I am courting gout reading at the rate I am.  Example of a fine graph:

Who knew? At this trial, the phrase “legal in Canada” has been imbued with such ominous undertones, Patrick Fitzgerald’s junior attorneys might as well get out their instruments and start playing the theme from Jaws. Overnight, the land of confiscatory taxation has been transformed into the northernmost Cayman Island.

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