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Mark Steyn In Wonderland

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HH: We begin as we do those Thursdays when we are lucky with Columnist To the World, Mark Steyn. You can read all of Mark’s material at Mark, I listened to you hosting for Rush today, you broke this story. And I read now from the L.A. Times. “Authorities are searching for a health reform activist who they say bit off the finger of a 65 year old counter-demonstrator during a fight at a rally in 1000 Oaks. It all started with their differences in philosophy over health care reform, said the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. They got into a fight at which point one man bit the left pinky of the other.” And the authorities are still looking for a white male in his late 40s or 50s who was last seen wearing black shorts and a black shirt. Do you think, Mark Steyn, that there’s some significance to the fact that the MoveOn guy bit off the left pinky of the anti-health care reformer?

MS: (laughing) I think there would have been, if it was a politically chosen digit, it would have been a right finger. But what was interesting to me in the account that I heard on Rush’s show earlier today, we had the guy who actually found the finger call in. And he said that this pro-Obamacare protestor had deliberately selected the oldest fellow in the counter-demonstration. In other words, he picked an elderly man, gray hair, bespectacled, stooped, much smaller than him. The pro-Obamacare protestor, when he was looking for some guy’s finger to bite off, didn’t go for any of the big guys, didn’t go for the guys his own age or his own size. And it was an interesting account. This senior is very lucky to have his finger restored to him, because the guy bit it off and then just basically spat it into traffic. So Rush’s listener happened to find it, and took it to the nearest hospital, which happened to be the hospital that this guy had been taken to.

HH: This is pregnant with symbolism. If he attacked the oldest person there, that’s rationing carried to an extreme and immediate step.

MS: Yeah, this is basically, we’re seeing freelance death paneling going on now.

HH: (laughing)

MS: I mean, if you’re going to have death panels, then this is one of those situations where you’ve got to have it under government regulation, obviously. It’s like everything else in the new utopia. It’s got to be government regulated. If people are going to go around doing their own freelance death panels, the whole thing’ll go to hell.

HH: Well, you pointed out California can ill afford an outbreak of finger munching out here, because this is, reattachment surgery is not inexpensive.

MS: No, it’s not in expensive, but on the other hand, it’s cheaper than finger reconstruction surgery, which is what the guy might have been in for if they hadn’t found the finger. I mean, the reality is, this is a very good example. When an old guy loses his finger, who cares? He’s not using it, he’s not contributing to society with his finger, what does it matter if his finger gets chewed off and tossed into traffic. It is interesting to me that when we hear these stories about how nutty the anti-health care, anti-Obamacare protestors are, that in fact all the individual explicit acts of totally insane violence, like the guy being beaten up in St. Louis, or this finger munching, are actually being presented by the nice, reasonable, moderate, liberal protestors. Make of that what you will.

HH: Now let’s turn to the other serious story of the day. Miyuki Hatoyama is the wife of Japan’s new prime minister-elect. She is a strong believer in spriritualism, and she said that in a previous life, she had met Tom Cruise, and that her soul has traveled to Venus on a UFO.

MS: Yeah.

HH: I think the possibilities are great here as well, Mark Steyn.

MS: Yes, I rather like this, the new Japanese prime minister who claims to have gone on a secret visit on a UFO, and woken up on Planet Venus. She also believes that she met Tom Cruise, who apparently in a previous life, was a Japanese man. And I’m all in favor of this. It seems rather better than my life. I had one of these weird experiences when I woke up and appeared to be living on Planet Zongo, and nothing made sense at all, and then I realized oh wait, no, it’s just Obama’s America. So on the whole, I prefer to be on Planet Venus with this nice Japanese prime minister’s wife.

HH: In Obama’s America, Van Jones has come to great prominence. Today, the latest, he’s President Obama’s green jobs advisor, last night he had to apologize for calling Republicans a**holes.

MS: Right.

HH: And the remark said they do not reflect the view of this administration. Actually, I think they do reflect the views of this administration. But today, it was revealed, he’s a truther. He joined, in 2004, he signed a statement calling for then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and others to launch an investigation into evidence that suggest high level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur. How long would a Bush administration official who called Democrats a**holes and was a truther lasted, Mark Steyn?

MS: Exactly. I mean, this is the thing. We’re supposed to be the crazy guys. We’re supposed to be the ones who don’t distance ourselves from the loons. You know, we’re the…Glenn Beck is supposed to be bananas. The birther movement are supposed to be the nuts. And yet, and yet, it is somehow the reality-based community, or whatever these guys call themselves, that has managed to put a 9/11 truther two doors away from President Obama in the Oval Office. And if he really thinks that the federal government pulled off 9/11, then he’s inside the system. Why doesn’t he uncover the truth of it? He’s the green jobs czar. Presumably, in the previous administration, George W. Bush was the steel melting czar. So why doesn’t he just take a look in the filing cabinets, and expose the truth on it? It’s an absolute, it’s not just ludicrous, but it is absolutely outrageous that this fellow has been appointed as one of Obama’s various czars. What I found interesting about the guy is that he’s a communist. Now I assume when people say oh, he used to be a communist, that they were communists in the 60s or 70s, you know, when it was cool, the spirit of 1968 and all that. This guy became a communist in the 90s. He became a communist after the Russians and the Bulgarians and the Romanians and the Czechs and even partly the Chinese, and even the Vietnamese had all given up on it.

HH: Yup.

MS: And yet he’s somehow, he’s right there in with the Obama administration.

HH: And he got through all the background checks. Now I have actually done these stories in a sequence, Mark. We started with finger munching, we went to the crazy Japanese prime minister’s wife, then we went to Van Jones, and now I come to U.S. policy vis-à-vis Honduras, because I think they’re all part of a parcel. Today, the Obama administration cut all non-humanitarian aid to Honduras over the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya, making permanent a temporary suspension. This is Alice In Wonderland time, Mark Steyn.

MS: Yes, it is. What happened is that a president who had done, the previous Honduran president had done everything that the left accused of Bush of doing, you know, of suspending the constitution and abusing his powers and all the rest of it. So the court, the Supreme Court of Honduras called on the army to remove him from office, which is entirely proper under the Honduran Constitution. Now Obama, for some reason, a man who goes around apologizing to every thug and third-rate dictator on the planet who bows before the king of Saudi Arabia, who prostrates himself before Hugo Chavez, has decided that there come rare moments in foreign policy when you have to stand up and be counted for, and kick the guys around and show who’s boss. So he’s decided to pick on Honduras and its entirely legitimate and constitutional president. This was not a coup. This was a constitutional act of removal of an abusive leader. In, I would say, in British commonwealth terms, as the crown exercising its reserve powers as when the governor-general of Australia fired the prime minister in the early 1970s. It’s quite…it’s the Honduran equivalent of that. Who the hell is Obama to monkey with the Honduran Constitution?

HH: Now in terms of all that as backdrop, the President announced he’s giving another speech next week in an attempt to overcome the increasing number of Obama antibodies that are growing in the body politick.

MS: Right.

HH: Do you think he has a prayer of succeeding, Mark Steyn?

MS: No, because everyone’s heard, he’s made 111 speeches on health care. And he’s been unable to come up with a five word rationale for what he’s doing in health care terms, because I don’t believe it is about health care. I believe it’s principally about the fastest way to create a permanent left of center political culture. But he can’t actually say that, so he’s got to find some other fluffy formulation of words that will sell it to people, and he hasn’t been able to. And the idea that somehow this 112th speech on the subject will be able to do what the previous 111 have failed to do is highly unlikely. For a start, he’s not that good. You know, it was in a sense an invention of the media that he was the greatest orator since Socrates. It’s not actually born out if you happen to see him there on the ground live doing it night after night on TV. He’s hopelessly overexposed, which celebrities normally are very mindful of.

HH: And last question, thirty seconds, if there were young Steyns near a television on Monday or Tuesday, would you let them watch the Dear Leader’s speech to the schoolchildren of America?

MS: Well, I’m thinking about that. My youngest son is cheerfully very impertinent and abusive of authority. He happens to be at that stage. So I wonder if the best thing is to let him in the room and hoot and jeer, or whether to pull him out. But I’m more concerned, actually, about some of these sort of study lessons, where you’re supposed to name the three most important words in Obama’s speech and all the rest of it, because I do think that gets very dangerously near to just propaganda. This shouldn’t be going on at all.

HH: I agree. Mark Steyn, always a pleasure,, America.

End of interview.


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