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Mark Steyn And Hugh Cover A Lot Of Ground, But Not As Much As ISIS

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HH: It’s Thursday and we are lucky. Columnist To the World, Mark Steyn, joins us. Hello, Mark.

MS: Hey, Hugh, great to be back with you.

HH: Well, it’s good to talk to you. I don’t even know where to begin. We have Ferguson, MO on edge and the President telling them to calm down. We have the Putin convoy headed towards the Ukrainian border. Maliki stepping aside, the Yazidis saying no, no, no, they’re still killing us, and Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams dead. You pick.

MS: Well, when you put it all like that, I think the most important story of the week was the one treated by the White House that the President and the First Lady had every dance at their glamorous Martha’s Vineyard party last night. So I think that should be the front page story on the New York Times and the Washington Post.

HH: You know, Mark, I am astonished that he went to Martha’s Vineyard. We have a genocide in progress, and genocide ought to interrupt your vacation plans, I think. I think. What do you think?

MS: Yes, I think so. I mean, I find the, well, again, I find the optics here, which even I think left wing groups got, the idea of the glamorous party while you had this town in Missouri aflame and with police officers looking like an occupying army, is a reminder. I mean, I never paid much attention to John Edwards’ phrase about the two Americas. I thought it was rather lame class warfare. But there are two Americas, and Obama isn’t shy about letting us know which one he’s in. The Attorney General, who flies his daughters and their boyfriends around on a private plane at your expense and my expense, isn’t shy about letting you know which of the two Americas he’s in. And meantime, if you’re in this town in Missouri, you’re on the receiving end of an entirely different America. And they’re clueless about the imagery on that, really clueless. We are always told on the right that the left were much, understood the symbolism. They understood the photo ops. They understood the importance of the visual and all the rest of it. And in fact, they don’t, and they don’t care. And they’re having a grand old time, and they don’t care about anybody else.

HH: You know, I was sitting down with a good friend today, and he asked me what I thought was the most important development of the summer, and I said it’s my conviction that the United States is going to get hit hard within three years, because IS, the Islamic State, is not sitting around retiring. And I have over at a column that the wonderful editors there found the YouTube post of Khalifa Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi talking from the balcony in Mosul. And it’s titled. Mr. President, About That Fellow On The Balcony In Mosul…

MS: Right.

HH: It’s as though he has no understanding or willingness to confront the complete catastrophe that is his foreign policy.

MS: Yes, and I think it’s also, I think where he goes wrong as well is that there’s no understanding that issues are not, don’t exist in isolation. For example, if you let these guys get a foothold in Syria, so what, nobody cares about Syria. Okay, then they spill over the border, and suddenly, they’re controlling a large chunk of Iraq. Well, you know, Iraq is like bad karma to the American left, so let’s just leave that. Where’s it going to be next, then? Nobody who knows anything about the Jordanian armed forces thinks that these guys, those guys are going to be able to withstand an ISIS attempt to nibble away at Eastern Jordan, or anyone who knows anything about the defenses of the northern border of Saudi Arabia. And what’s even more absurd is that these guys in ISIS have the best weaponry in the world.

HH: Yeah.

MS: They have American tanks. They have American guns. They have American helicopters that again, you and I and all your listeners paid for, and we gave to these joke four divisions in Western Iraq that all ran away and left all this stuff paid for by the U.S. taxpayer for ISIS to fly around in and drive around in, and aim at our allies. And the idea that all this stuff exists in isolation, this is like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors, that the more you feed it, the bigger it gets, the bigger it gets, the bigger it gets. And it’s just a question of how much it can swallow before getting indigestion.

HH: I don’t know if you saw the horrific picture of the Australian jihadi boy who had been brought by his Australian jihadi dad to the jihad, holding up the head. I linked it cautiously in my column, because it’s so horrific. But people on this show in the last week have been pointing out there are thousands of Europeans and Americans flowing into the new caliph’s control. And they’ve got their passports.

MS: Right.

HH: And they’re going home after that, Mark Steyn. This is metastasizing, and the President is back on the golf course.

MS: Yeah, and I would say what is fascinating about that picture, that seven year old boy, born and bred in the suburbs of Sydney holding up the severed head that his dad has given him to play with very proudly, what’s interesting about that is the way even that, the left and the center-left, and in effect, the conventional wisdom that runs the Western world, was not able to call, even call that out for what it was. You know, Bill Shorten, who is, God help us all, leader of Her Majesty’s loyal opposition in Australia, so he could very well be prime minister in a couple of years, Bill Shorten says that it’s a parenting issue. It’s a parenting issue.

HH: Oh, my gosh.

MS: Maybe we need to have, you know, more federal subsidy of federal parenting programs so that parents will know you don’t give your seven year old the severed head to play with. You give him the Tickle Me Elmo doll. My friend down under, the great Australian wag, Tim Blair…

HH: Yes.

MS: …said that, you know, now we’ve got, you can’t be homophobic, you can’t be Islamophobic. These guys don’t want to be seen to be head chopperphobic, that there’s nothing you can call them out on. Even this, they are not prepared to address this for what it is. And the fact that it’s being done, as you say, with people with American passports, Canadian passports, Australian passports, European passports, mean something, because these guys will one day leave this new caliphate and return to their nominal homes, and they will be coming home with a purpose.

HH: Now I, we could go tomorrow. Charles Krauthammer said on this show the President is strategically clueless. On Monday, former Vice President Cheney said on this show he doesn’t read his intelligence briefings. I think he’s trying to get to the Carter Center phase of his career, Mark Steyn, without having to repudiate the six years of his blundering, that he’s just going to ignore this, because he can’t intellectually square it with the Nobel Peace Prize, his speech in Turkey, his speech in Cairo. It’s all gone into the gutter and down the drain, and he can’t deal with it.

MS: Well yes, because I think if you look at the speech in Cairo and the other big speeches, they’re all just the conventional left wing bromides that have no meaning in the real world. And he’s, I mean, if you look at the way, what’s astonishing to me is the shallowness, because he’s supposed to be the smartest guy who’s ever become president. That’s what Michael Beschloss told us the day after he was elected, great presidential historian told us he was the smartest guy ever to become president. Look at all his analogies. What does he call ISIS? They’re the…

HH: Jayvees…

MS: …Jayvees of international jihad. The slogan of his foreign policy is, as Mrs. Clinton got into trouble for mocking, don’t do stupid stuff, which the last word, stuff, replaced by another word beginning with S. And this is what passes for the smartest president ever, President Ever’s strategic thinking and strategic clarity. He has a shallow, parochial view of the world, and the world is burning while he’s going to the Vineyard Golf Club, and Boston Brahmins have to be wanded by his 40 car security team so that he can golf in peace without being distracted by…I don’t know why they don’t just raze the White House and turn the whole thing into a golf club for him, and put the Israeli Iron Dome over it, and then he can play in the White House grounds golf round the clock, and within his Iron Dome, and the rest of the world can go to hell.

HH: I don’t think we want him to read that transcript. He might actually take you up on that. I’ve got to ask you before we run out of time, Michael Mann, your litigant from hell, are you getting close to the end of this thing?

MS: Well, this week, such notorious, he says that everyone who supports me is the notorious right wing climate denier funded by the Koch Brothers. Well, that group is getting rather larger this week. Briefs filed against Michael Mann with the D.C. Court of Appeals, they included the ACLU, they included the Washington Post, they included the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. They included all kinds of groups who recognize that Michael Mann’s attempt to actually sue people out of the public debate is actually, would actually gut the 1st Amendment, and deprive it of any real meaning. So whether, I don’t know whether it’s getting near the end for me, but I do know this, that one result of all these interventions by the ACLU is that in the event that we were to lose eventually in the District of Columbia, I think this thing will be going all the way to the Supreme Court if that were to happen. And one way or another, Michael Mann is going to lose, and going to lose decisively.

HH: You know, those doggone Koch Brothers, they’re taking over the ACLU. I had missed that. I had just…

MS: No, I know, those ACLU guys, they’re so obviously living high on all that Koch Brothers moolah, it’s disgusting.

HH: Mark Steyn, it is always a pleasure,, America, for the updates on the lawsuit and everything that Mark writes,

End of interview.


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