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Mark Steyn Debate Analysis And What Ails The Universities

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The audio:


The transcript:

JC: Right now, we have the one man global content provider, Mark Steyn of, @MarkSteynOnline. Welcome to the show, Mark.

MS: Hey, good to be with you, John.

JC: You know, I have to tell you, your line, the one man global content provider is true. When I last interviewed you here on the show, you did something on your website and said while I was being interviewed on the Hugh Hewitt Show by John Campbell. I got an email from a friend in England, and I got an email from a friend in South Africa, both about, said you talked to Mark Steyn? So you are the…

MS: I know there are little pockets in my readership in Tajikistan is modest, but we do try to cover major parts of the British Commonwealth. So South Africa and Australia and various other places are sewn up.

JC: Very good. All right. Well, I want to get to the debate, but first, I have to ask you about these college protests, the Missouri thing where the president of Missouri, and there’s just breaking news today, a dean of students at Claremont McKenna College was forced to resign today because a couple of female students had a Facebook posting where they wore sombreros, and they were female students. They had sombreros. I’m looking at the picture here now, and mustaches. And the dean of students did not immediately crack down and throw these people in jail, I guess. So she was forced to resign. There were protests all over the, Marlon, who works here, goes to UCLA. He was let out of his classes early so that they could go protest. What, how, what is going on, on these college campuses, with all this, Mark Steyn?

MS: Well, I think we’re actually seeing the rise of a kind of insipient baby fascism, and I don’t use that term lightly. I mean, I’m, the ruddy glow of middle age is still on my face. I’m reasonably confident that I can still outrun some of these mobs if I have to. But in 20 years’ time, I won’t be able to. And I’m concerned. If you look at the scenes from the University of Missouri where the so-called, actually a journalism professor is calling for some muscle to kick out the journalists, or the scene from Yale where they’re standing around and intimidating the professor they disagree with, we have basically raised a generation now that prioritizes identity group politics over free speech. And that is going to be a tragedy for the world. I mean, this nonsense you just mentioned from Claremont is presumably over some cultural appropriation thing, that it’s racist for these two young ladies to put on sombreros and fake mustaches, whereas if they’d said they were transitioning into men, then it would be okay to go around in fake mustaches. And if they were transitioning into becoming Hispanic men, then it would be okay, presumably, to wear the sombrero. So the internal contradictions of these identity group politics, where it’s okay for Caitlyn Jenner to be culturally appropriating by getting out Grace Kelly’s 1954 corset and posing in it on the front of Vanity Fair, that cultural appropriation, gender appropriation is okay. But if you put a sombrero on your head, it’s the biggest crime of all. This is what we’re going to be talking about when the mullahs nuke us, and we will be the laughing stock of global civilization, because even in the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, they weren’t wasting their time with this. But it’s a serious business. It says nothing good about where the country’s going to. And it’s interesting that almost anyone who mentions these evasive, ugly phrases like safe space, is in fact a totalitarian bully. I mean, the people who need the safe space are the journalists being harassed at the University of Missouri and the professors they’re trying to force out at Yale. These are the guys who would benefit from a safe space. And it’s the people saying oh, we must have a little safe space who are the totalitarians here.

JC: Say, one of the things I’ve finally found in the list of demands that these protestors gave at the University of Missouri, one of the things in their demands was that they’re, the legion of black collegians’ demands in 1969 were to be completely met. And I finally tracked that down, and I have to read you one of these. Talk about, you know, about iniquity here of I can do this, but you can’t, or whatever. There will be adequate police protection, this is one of their demands, there will be adequate police protection of all blacks in the university family by the university police. Also, there will be the same protection for the black culture house. But there will be no surveillance of the culture house or any university blacks unless specifically requested by the survey league. So they’re supposed to surveil everybody else except the black culture house and any black on campus.

MS: Yeah, and I think this is what’s so absurd about it. I mean, there’s no pretense now that anyone is talking about universal rights or expanding rights. It’s simply a power play for the sake of it. I mean, I would say as a larger point, by the way, that this is one of the consequences when you use university and pervert the meaning of that word. The word university does not mean in the United States, and most other modern Western countries, what it has meant for most of human history. It has been massively expanded. I’m not even just talking about affirmative action or anything like that, because there’s large numbers of ordinary white people who shouldn’t be at universities, either. It’s been expanded beyond the capacity of it to do so and still be a university. So it’s not about teaching, it’s not about mastering genuine scholarly disciplines. It’s become basically a kind of desultory 28th grade for a lethargic and narcissistic generation. And I would be, I would support any presidential candidate who pledged to reduce the number of American university students by 90%, because that’s the big problem here. There’s no pretense of going to master serious scholarly disciplines, and certainly people are doing fake subjects, politicized subjects, and it’s essentially become an exercise in social engineering by the most extreme elements of the left.

JC: Okay, Mark Steyn, let’s shift gears to the debate on Tuesday, your impressions of who won/who lost, or whatever your impressions are of that debate, Mark Steyn?

MS: Well, I do think Jeb Bush lost. You know, people said he staunched the bleeding. I’ve seen a couple of polls now where he’s at 4%, so he’s basically getting near to be bled out. He can’t bleed much more. And I think he needed a much better performance than he gave. And in some ways, the telling line was when Trump stepped in during a ding dong with John Kasich, and Jeb couldn’t get a word in. And Trump leaned into the microphone and said let Jeb speak, as if he was protecting his little low energy friend. So I don’t think Jeb Bush came out of it well, and I think by contrast, for example, Carson, who’d also had a rough week, actually reasserted himself and kept himself in the game. But beyond that, I think the top tier stays the same. It’s Trump and Carson at the top, and Cruz and Rubio underneath. And Cruz is the real sleeper here. Everyone, the establishment is getting behind Rubio, but Cruz’ performance is strong, and he’s positioning himself very well for where this contest is going to go in the next couple of weeks.

JC: Let me ask you something about that with Cruz, and I’ll be talking about this later in the show. And we as Republicans, we always want to talk about the substance of people and so forth. But the reality is that when you get to a general election, people vote for somebody they like. There’s a likability factor. And we think that Hillary Clinton is vulnerable in part because she’s not very likable. Is Cruz very likable?

MS: No, I think there’s an issue there. I think that’s why he was, particularly when he sounds too canned and practiced, he can seem a bit oily and smarmy. And certainly, he was better when he just let rip on the debate moderators in the CNBC debate. I think that is a problem. But you know, the lesson is of the last election, is that Mitt Romney, who is the nicest, mildest, milquetoastiest guy in the world, was transformed overnight into this guy who straps his dog to the roof of his car and drives the dog to Canada, who not only lays off the fellow in Ohio, but flies in through the window in the dead of night and gives his wife cancer. So whoever the candidate is…

JC: Mark Steyn, thank you, we’re out of time. I’m sorry. We’ll be right back with you, America.

End of interview.


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