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Mark Steyn and Lawrence Lessig On President Obama

Thursday, February 4, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Today’s show will feature a leading thinker of the right —Mark Steyn— and of the left –Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig– assessing why President Obama’s first year in office has been such a failure.

Professor Lessig’s critique is in the new issue of The Nation, and is titled “How To Get Our Democracy Back.”

In the course of his article, Professor Lessig conducts a drive-by on my friend and frequent guest Congressman John Campbell As Campbell is among the most ethical and honorable of men I have ever met in public life, Lessig and I will certainly have much to talk about. Including why the constitutional convention Lessig is calling for is the worst idea of a generation.

Duane will post transcripts of the Steyn and Lessig interviews here, and the audio of the Lessig interview in this post later tonight. Your reactions to both are welcome at my blog at The Hughniverse.



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