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Mark Kennedy for Senate

Tuesday, April 18, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Minnesota Congressman Mark Kennedy joins me to open today’s show from the studio as the Congressman is making a west coast visit.

Kennedy is everyone’s choice as the leading opportunity for the GOP to pick up a blue seat in November.

Help his campaign out with an online donation.

And stay abreast of the campaign news here and at KennedyvMachine.

I think the hapless band of Minnesota bloggers who are grouped under the title MOB should see if their combined effort can outraise this blogs boosterism for Kennedy between now and month’s end.

I will even let them count the $2.30 that Fraters might raise from collecting bottles outside of Keenan’s.

E-mail me, MOBers, if you are game. We’ll let the Kennedy campaign staff be the judge of the most potent of the referrers when it comes to actual breathing donors as opposed to hot air.

In fact, I’ll suggest two competitions: most dollars raised and most contributers referrred. Two chances for the MOB to compete. Two certain losses.

If the Northern Alliance would like to compete as a team, they’d be welcome as well.

But the Powerline gents know when to hold them and when to fold them, and I suspect the Alliance will sit this out.

Sort of like the Twins v. the Tribe.


KennedyvMachine has lept to the challenge, which guarantees at least $30 of donations. As has the TheSavageRepublican. All other MOB blogs –more than 100– slumber on.

NorthernAllianceWannabe has, sadly, taken up the challenge and thus certain embarassment.

Even with the help of Mighty Ed Morrissey the MOB is doomed.

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