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Marie Antoinette Pelosi: Every Vote For Any House Democrat Is A Vote For Nancy Pelosi

Tuesday, August 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Politico’s Martin Kady II and Patrick O’Connor have a story on how Nancy Pelosi has the GOP right where she wants it, in the sights of her carefully constructed plan to expose them as pro-consumer, pro-drilling enthusiasts effectively suppressed by the tool-of-the-radical-environmentalist fringe Speaker of the House.

She is brilliant, you know. Let the little people walk. Let them sit in their dark, hot houses and sweat. She is, as she told George Stephanopoulis, about saving the planet, not voters. The article ends thus:

“There is no crisis on our side of the aisle,” a top House Democratic leadership aide said. “We have a plan, and we will stick to it.”

The Pelosi-Reid-Obama indifference to the impact the high cost of gas is having on the average America is amazing and unsettling, a vision of how these elites would govern if unchecked. For Pelosi, it is a Marie Antoinette moment, and every Republican should be making the point that every vote for any Democrat is a vote to keep Her Highness in power as Speaker, and thus the cost of gas sky high and rising.

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