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March of the Dinosaurs

Monday, September 15, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Harvard’s Harvey Mansfield, one of the country’s most thoughtful observers of politics, has written a brief essay on Sarah Palin. (HT: Bill Kristol via R&

As sex goes up in social estimation, love goes down. The trouble with love is that it narrows your options and endangers your independence. If you loved a man, you might actually want to put up with, or even admire, his ways. You may be sure that I am not the first one to notice that feminist women are unerotic.

If none of what I am saying were true, feminists would be welcoming Sarah Palin with embraces as warm as they are capable of. They should be happy that their cause has spread to conservatives and become bipartisan. In fact, they see the Palin choice as a gross deceit, and their response is close to fury. Doesn’t this suggest that feminism is not in behalf of the women’s movement–but rather to promote radical adventures above and beyond its concern for women?

As Bill K. notes, read the whole thing. Twice.

Another day of first time women callers only; another day of jammed phone lines. Now this run of 12 shows of women-only callers is extraordinary in a way that only talk show hosts will fully appreciate. The Palin story is old by contemporary standards, but the energy level behind it is increasing.

The networks have moved beyond the novelty of the choice into full-fledged “decimation” mode, as Chevy Chase described his hopes and dreams for Palin on MSNBC this AM.

But the callers still want to enthuse, not condemn.

The demographics of the callers beyond gender are all over map, from the 60 realtor in Tucson to the much younger, gun-owning lesbian mother of two boys who is inspired by Sarah to the nurse with 3 year old twins who has never volunteered for a campaign before but will this year.

MSM is missing the biggest sea-change in American politics since 1980 because the news is of a sort they don’t want to hear, much less report.

Their contempt for Palin and her legion of supporters matters not in the least. Except to their bottom line, where it will matter a great deal in the years ahead. The last collective self-indulgence of the dinosaurs, which upon seeing a bright light approaching in the sky, head towards its landing zone confident of their power to turn it back.

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