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March 7, 1936/April 11, 2006

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March 7, 1936 is the day Hitler ordered German troops to reoccupy the Rhineland, and the date genearlly believed to have been, in retrospect, the ideal time to have stopped Hitler’s march towards the war that followed.

Britain and France did nothing, and the war came.

Seventy years and a month later and we have another significant move: The Iranian president announces that Iran has defied the world and successfully enriched uranium. The significance of this announcement:

MI chief Yadlin said he is convinced that Israel and the West do not know everything about the Iranian nuclear project. He thinks it is possible that Iran has a Plan B it has kept hidden from the West. “It has already been shown that there are activities that the Iranians have not reported to the IAEA,” he said.

Israeli officials are no longer discussing the “point of no return” of Iranian nuclear power, focusing instead on “crossing the technological threshold” of completing the research and development stage. Various experts in the West have estimated that Iran will need six months to a year to complete this phase. It will then take one to three years for Iran to produce tens of thousands of centrifuges, which would bring Tehran very close to having its own nuclear bomb.

While it doesn’t do a lot of good to go on with the blame game that has broken out in many places —though this is an excellent quick summary of the case against James Earl Carter— neither does it do any good to pretend that America doesn’t have a military option, or to try and take that option off the table by asserting it must be nuclear to be effective.

Of course the United States can end the Iranian nuclear program and its despotic regime, though the costs would be high, just as in Iraq.

Britain and France could have stopped Hitler and didn’t.

The United States can stop Iran, but there is a division among the country’s elites as to whether we ought to.

In my conversations today with Larry Kord and Jonathan Alter, in Chris Matthews discussion with Barbara Boxer, and all across the web, we see an absolute refusal of the left and the party it controls to deal with the seriousness of this issue.

The key fact is the rapidly approach nuclear weapon capability of Iran and the leadership of the state. The West has to understand the possibility that the Iranian regime is under the influence if not outright control of an extreme Shi’ite sect:

Hojjatieh is a semi-clandestine Iranian organization which is radically anti-Bahá’


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