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Making James Comey Rich

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As Politico’s Playbook pointed out:

The interview marks the beginning of a weeks-long media tour for Comey’s new tell-all book,…

That’s what happened last night. Everybody needs to keep that in mind as the Comey generated headlines will continue to appear over the next few weeks.  The man is out there selling books.  Were he as genuinely interested in “truth” as he says he is he would not have waited for the book-release-related-press-junket to start talking to the press.  This approach is designed to line Comey’s pockets, not make sure the nation knows the truth.

To be clear, I am not here passing any judgement on Comey’s claims, I am simply pointing out that the way he is making them and the timing involved are clearly designed to make James Comey a lot of money.  Conclusions about the veracity of his claims must await the work of journalists with the resources to thoroughly verify them; one can never conclude what actually happened based on the testimony of a single individual.  There is a definite “lie of the green” in what Comey is saying and doing right now, and it is about making himself, his ghost writer and his publisher a lot of cold, hard cash.

What’s sad is the president, the man who fired Comey, seems to be helping him make that cash.

I’m very surprised if the president does not understand the role he is playing in helping Comey sell his book.  After all the president has an extensive background in professional wrestling.  More than most, Donald J. Trump must understand that every babyface is only as good as the heel he or she is feuding with.  Comey with all his over-the-top rhetoric about, essentially, “truth, justice and the American way” is setting himself up as the babyface and casting the president as the heel.

Every time the president tweets his disagreement with and/or disdain for James Comey, he is fitting neatly into the heel role in which Comey is trying to place him and he is promoting the fued – helping both players get over.  The president has had a lot of success over the years playing a heel in his media ventures.  (Come on, he and the biggest heel in professional wrestling, WWE owner Vince McMahon, share the same catchphrase – “You’re fired.”)

But here is the thing, he is not just Donald J. Trump anymore – he is POTUS.  So when he plays the heel, the highest office in the land is cast as heel too.  Most wrestlers fall in to roles as faces or heels as a reflection of their own actual personality.  Wrestling is more about exaggeration than it is total fiction.  I am sure the heel role is comfortable for Donald J. Trump.  But it sure is not for the office of the presidency.

I even understand that in today’s pop culture there is an enormous amount of success for the villain.  Darth Vader is arguably the single most popular Star Wars character.  Sony pictures has given the rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel, but they are proceeding with a Venom movie.  And while getting elected has a lot to do with popular culture, the office of the presidency does not.  There is history and there is the future to consider.

Please Mr. President, James Comey is going to make plenty of money without your help.


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