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Luck Is Not A Strategy, Part 2

Monday, May 3, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My Washington Examiner column focuses on the the second successful terrorist penetration of a major city in five months –Detroit on Christmas day and NYC on Saturday night– and on the unfolding calamity in the Gulf.

All three have in common that the Department of Homeland Security is in charge of preventing each from occurring.

Here’s a confidence-inspiring summary on what we know about the suspected bomber from Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano:

“He was seen leaving the scene,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on CNN on Monday.

“So he may have been a witness. He may have observed something. He may be someone who was involved. We don’t know. It would be premature to suggest that. We do know (that) what we would like to do is be able to identify him and speak with him,” Napolitano said.

I suppose that is an improvment over “the system worked.”

President Obama is spinning madly, but two weeks after the explosion in the gulf there is no plan for what to do about it, and the pending disaster is as huge as the federal response is halting. These are the same sort of stumbling reflexes that appeared after the H1N1 virus surfaced in Mexico last year. In that case we were only relatively lucky as the virus did spread quickly but wasn’t as lethal as feared. The vaccine never caught up to demand, and now unused vaccine exists a testament to the slow-footed incompetence of Team Obama.

The country and especially the Gulf Coast won’t be as lucky as most people infected with H1N1. The oil keeps spilling and it keeps coming to the coast.

The buck stops with the president. ” What,” he should be asked, “is the plan?”

This isn’t a media likely to press the obvious but voters are watching and reaching their own conclusions. As they are also going to do on the relative threat posed by the Tea Party vis-a-vis opponents of border control. The later were rioting again, but don’t expect much coverage from a MSM waiting for the Tea Partiers to explode in violence.


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