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Lt. Col. Allen West On Ferguson, POTUS and 2016

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Lt. Col. was my guest in the first hour today, talking Ferguson, President Obama, and 2016:




HH: From Dr. Krauthammer, we move to Congressman Allen West, formerly a member of Congress and formerly a football. He’s a University of Tennessee fan. I don’t believe they’re actually, are you wearing paper bags these days, Congressman?

AW: No, Hugh, it’s a pleasure to be with you, a Happy Thanksgiving. I don’t recall you wearing paper bags when Arizona and the Wildcats had their little spate. So I’m still proud of the Volunteers. I went up to ol’ Rocky Top for the Alabama game. We’ve got a young offensive line and defensive line, all freshmen, and we’ll be back.

HH: Now Congressman, I’m an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, so we never wear paper bags. We’re going to beat Michigan this weekend. I hope you’re pulling for the Buckeyes at least.

AW: Yeah, but you know, you don’t say Ohio State down south. You guys don’t do too well against the Southern Eastern Conference.

HH: That was then. This is now. Now I’ve got to ask you…

AW: Oh (laughing)

HH: That was then, this is now. I’ve got to ask you about Ferguson. Ben Carson was on yesterday, Charles Krauthammer was just talking about it. My question to everybody is the same. Do you, Allen West, think justice was done in Ferguson?

AW: Yeah, absolutely justice was done. It was done through our due process and our system that has been established for quite some time. And I think that we really need to give a hat tip to the prosecutor there for St. Louis County, Mr. McCullough, who I mean, his summary of the grand jury proceeding was the most articulate and meticulous summary that I have ever heard. And the fact that it was complete transparency, he worked with the FBI, he has released all of the evidence to the public to read. I mean, what more can you ask for? Michael Brown, it’s sad to say, tragically lost his life as a result of the consequences of the actions that he took.

HH: Now President Obama has spoken twice on this. I talked to Dr. Ben Carson about it yesterday. He was critical of the President after his first set of remarks, didn’t hear the second. Charles Krauthammer said the second set of remarks were better than the first. Has President Obama been helpful, in your opinion, Colonel West?

AW: No, I don’t think the President has been helpful, and I don’t think Eric Holder has been helpful. I believe that what they should have done was definitely ask for calm. But then after that, based upon the findings of this grand jury, and it was definitely that our FBI worked with them, the federal government is going to drop our probe into the incident in Ferguson, because we do believe justice has been served, and then you just end it all. But to continue to go on, talk about you know, this is rooted in something that is systemic, there is a lack of trust out there with the black community and the police community, what needs to happen is we have got to get a level of respect and regard for authority with young black men. And as I said on Fox News last night on Greta, we’ve got to have an administration that stops cherry-picking cases that they wan to champion for their own version of social justice.

HH: Has President Obama and his administration made race relations better or worse in the United States?

AW: Oh, everyone knows it’s worse, Hugh. I mean, there’s no doubt about it. You know, there is nothing that they said about the two black teenagers that bludgeoned to death a World War II Okinawa vet out in Spokane. There was nothing that was said about the Australian baseball player at East Central Oklahoma University. There was nothing that was said about Brendan Tevlin, New Jersey 19 year old that was killed by a black wannabe self-proclaimed jihadist, or Captain Kevin Quick in Virginia, who was a reserve police officer there. Four black gang members carjacked him, brutally murdered him. His body was found six days after the incident. Eric Holder steps in and says the death penalty is not going to be part of that case. So no, the race relations is horrible in the United States of America, and this was supposed to be the post-racial phase for our country because of the first black president.

HH: Now Colonel, I want to turn to your other extraordinary area of expertise, which is military affairs. We have another vacancy at the Pentagon. This is going to be President Obama’s fourth secretary of Defense Who do you want to see in that job? And what sort of qualities, if you don’t have any names? I have suggested Ambassador Crocker or David Petraeus, Mattis or Allen, one of those generals. But who does Allen West want to see in that job?

AW: Well, the person that I thought would have been sensible and logical for the administration was the former undersecretary of Defense for policy, Michelle Flournoy. When I was there in the Armed Services Committee, her testimony was always spot on, very precise, very accurate, and very well thought through. But she has removed her name from consideration, so that should tell you something right there. When you start talking about, you know, General Allen, I mean, right now, I’m confused about what is his position as a special advisor on ISIS when you have a chairman of Joint Chiefs, and you also have someone that would be Centcom commander. General Mattis will not do it, because the President basically had him removed early from his position at Centcom because of disagreement. Let’s be honest, Hugh. The President wants someone that’s going to kowtow and allow him to run the Pentagon from the White House. And when the Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, decided to kind of go off script and off talking points with the ISIS issue, there was no need for him anymore.

HH: So you’re not an optimist about whoever shows up in that job?

AW: No, because I think that Valerie Jarrett is going to pick someone that she believes is going to, you know, like I said, kowtow to her will and her whim. If anything, I think that Susan Rice should be removed as National Security Advisor if you really want to fix our national security situation.

HH: Now let’s turn to politics. I just talked to Dr. K. about this, and I listed 14 people who might seek the presidency. I didn’t list you, Colonel, and so Allen West, are you going to fun for president?

AW: No, as a matter of fact, I think you know I just accepted a position to be the CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis, NCPA. I’ll be moving out to Dallas, Texas in three weeks, and I’m looking forward to being the head of a policy think tank, conservative think tank center that’s been around for 31 years. So I think right now, the most important thing is to talk about solutions to the issues that are facing our country based upon sound principles.

HH: Well, that is an important job, but what are you going to do without any professional football?

AW: Well, you know, I’m still an Atlanta Falcons fan. We’ll struggle through this year, and I’ll, you know, every now and again, I’ll root for the Cowboys.

HH: Are you a Falcons fan? Are you really?

AW: I’m born and raised in Atlanta, Hugh. What do you think?

HH: Well, you know, I’m born and raised in Northeastern Ohio, and I’d like to thank your coaching staff for their clock management at the end of last week’s game.

AW: Oh, yeah, yeah, thanks very much. I know, the Cleveland game. That was appalling, man. I just don’t know.

HH: (laughing) I didn’t know.

AW: They just kill me.

HH: That was the worst clock management I have ever seen, Allen West.

AW: Oh, look, you’re right on top of that. I mean, I just sat there, and I just wondered what in God’s name is he doing.

HH: (laughing) I didn’t mean to do that do you. I’m awfully grateful for your service, but I didn’t know you were a Falcons fan.

AW: Well, anything we can do to help the Eagles or the Cleveland Browns. I mean, they’ve had some rough years, and you know, we’d like to see the Dog Pound get back to a state of reputable football.

HH: We’re going to the playoffs. We’re going all the way, Col. Allen West. Good luck in Dallas. I look forward to talking to you early and often from the National Center for Policy Analysis.

End of interview.


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