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Low Hanging Fruit In Metropolis

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Comic book fans know that Marvel comics (Spider-man, Captain America, X-Men…) take place in the “real world.”  They are set in New York, or Los Angeles, or London.  DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman…) are pure fantasy being set in Metropolis or Gotham or Keystone City.  I am beginning to think America is a DC Comic.  It is bad enough to have errant policy, but when the administration and their allies in the media seem to have a whole new world set up how does one even begin to have a reasonable discussion with them?

Most recent case in point, an NYTimes piece, dated yesterday, but that had top of the newsletter placement in the freebie headlines I received from them this morning, entitled “White Supremacists Extend Their Reach Through Websites.”  Now in part, this is just lazy reporting.  The people that run these sites love the attention so when a NYTimes reporter comes calling, they answer questions, and eureka, you have an article.  It’s the same reason Jerry Springer can so easily book the four remaining Klan members in the country.

But it is also scary.  Google up “terrorism internet” and you get links to white papers prepared by the U.N and if you switch to the “news” tab you get all sorts of coverage in the European press, but almost nothing in the US press or from the US government.  One would think the administration is trying to “ghost” Islamic and overseas terrorism.  It certainly gives one the impression that we live in Metropolis, not New York.

We had a white supremacist mass murder in Charleston.  It was awful, it was horrible, it was vicious, but it was only one.  But how many acts of Islamic terror have we had?  And let’s be honest about the count – let’s count the ones the administration does not want to count (like Ft. Hood) let’s count the foiled attempts, let’s count the ones aimed at us but that occurred overseas, and let’s count the ones against the west generally.  Now, which type of terrorism ought to be commanding the attention of our press and our government?

Let’s return to that “ghost” reference I made a couple of paragraphs ago.  It is a technique whereby romantic relationships are ended simply by ignoring communication from the other.  The article I linked to contains a telling quote:

“He came to my house one night banging on my door, and I pretended I wasn’t there,” Ms. Mollen said. “I didn’t know how else to extricate from relationships. It was me being young and not knowing how to disappoint.” She theorized that people who fade away do so out of a desperate need to be loved, even after a breakup. “If you disappear completely, you never have to deal with knowing someone is mad at you and being the bad guy,” she said.

So, we have a president that is so immature that he does not know how to tell us we have a problem?  It certainly seems that way doesn’t it?  Now maybe the press is just bowing to what it is people want to read about – but it is equally as troubling that we want to bury our heads in the sand that way.  At some point somebody has to be a grown-up here.

God bless Rick Perry.  He has upped his game about 100,000 times since the last cycle.  Honestly, he has gone from joke to serious player in the last four years and he has done so through a lot of very hard work.  But I winced when I saw a WSJ piece this morning praising a speech he gave last Thursday on race.  Not that it was a bad speech – it was a great speech, full of excellent proposals.  But it was also taking the bait of the press and the left.  Race relations are way down the list of problems confronting this nation right now.  They are not perfect, but when it comes to priorities?

Frankly, race relations are easy to talk about.  Most of the serious problems are resolved.  It is low hanging political fruit.  But we do not live in Metropolis or Gotham.  We live in real cities and towns.  Cities and towns that could be destroyed by a single device if Iran gets the bomb and gives it to the wrong people.  Cities where airplanes fly into skyscrapers and terrorists gun down entire magazine staffs.  And cities where people who do not want to be interviewed attract kids on the Internet to Syria and not just incite them to violence, but train them for it.

Real world time folks.  Are we up for it?


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