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Love Letters Among Conseravtives

Monday, October 10, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Check out John Fund’s interview, and its promise of bad news for Miers ahead, over at Radioblogger.

From the mailboag:


The petulance I’ve seen over the past week from the conservative
movement’s “Intellectual Priesthood” (a term borrowed from Fred Barnes)
has been truly disheartening, but also instructive and deeply revealing.

Since the conservative movement has enjoyed a unity of purpose for so
long….basically since the elections of 1994, the split over the Miers
nomination seems to be uncharted territory for many of us.

Part of that “uncharted territory” would have to be the jarring disconnect
I feel while reading blogs and listening to radio shows of high profile
conservatives. The preening bitterness seems to have taken on an almost
*competative* edge as many of the punditocracy seem to be vying for the
status of the Most Aggrieved, Most Concerned, or Most Deeply Disappointed.
One of the most repeated (and offensive) themes of the whining is the “We
worked so hard for Bush and THIS is how he rewards us?” sentiment….as if
Bush were beholden to us in a way a hapless stooge is beholden to a mob
boss. The same pundits that deride liberals who speak of President Bush
as some sort of “puppet” for conservative interests, now seem to be
clamoring for exactly that: a puppet-like President who faithfully
follows their every command.

See also Carol Platt Liebau’s argument on the benfits of Beltway experience in SCTOUS nominees –who should rapidly become cable’s must-have conservative woman commentator who is (1)Harvard Law and Harvard Law Review trained (2)a federal circuit court clerk, (3) Hill-veteran and (4)pro-Miers– and Big Lizards, Hedgehog, and Beldar.

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