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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

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Instapundit linked to an extraordinary post this morning.   The post is entitled “The India Effect: (what Celebrity Big Brother can teach us about gender politics.)” and is a discussion circling around a transsexual character on the aforementioned show.  The piece makes two extraordinary points.  First:

The problem is that while you can perhaps legislate for speech and expression, you cannot legislate for conviction. In other words, you might be able to force people to say a certain thing, but you cannot force them to truly believe it.

The second point is this:

In an attempt to relieve distress and provide a theoretical framework for validation, the truth must necessarily be bent, squeezed, and hammered square into a round hole. But the actual truth of our physical selves does not require endless validation.

The two points are actually deeply related.  “Validation,” which most people think is love in this age, is more than a verbal expression, it is a conviction.  Therefore, “validation” is impossible to achieve by force of law or intellect.

Persons like the character on the show have declared religion the enemy because they think religion is what is preventing them from receiving the validation they so crave, when in fact the validation they crave cannot come from any external source.

Religion continues to be under deep fire in our nation.  Here is a story out of Iowa about another litigation situation between “gay rights” and religious freedom.  I grow weary of such stories – people think if they can only force religion to “validate them” they will find some sort of peace, but religion can only offer that kind of peace by submitting to it, not subjugating it and turning it into something else.  There are even stories trying to spin the horrific child abuse situation in Perris, CA as a religion thing.  The perpetrators of those monstrosities may have been religious nutcases, but “nutcase” would be the operative word there, not “religion.”

This nation contains millions of people that can testify to the fact that Christianity has supplied them with precisely the validation that people like the character in the show seek.  Because in the end Christianity is not an external source of validation, but rather the only way possible to fix our very broken internal sources of validation.  Yet people like the character in the show think we of faith stand in the way of their validation.  Talk about a communication breakdown!

The thing I keep coming back to is why does anyone on either side of this mess expect the government to resolve it?  Governments provide neither validation nor faith.  The government has no dog in this hunt.  A decision by that government, a decision both sides are forcing it to make, will provide neither side with satisfaction.

I am praying for satisfaction, not victory.


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