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I will be spending most of today and tomorrow at Columbia School of Journalism, so posting will be light.

Be sure to stop by if you know of needs in the Gulf recovery region.

Please also stop by my new online project:

During my 15 years of broadcast journalism, I have always been impressed with audience enthusiasm for good programming on the subject of God and the modern world. This is an underserved audience, though the GodBlogs listed to your left and a variety of other online sites are meeting the need for quality writing on a variety of God-related subjects.

At OneTrueGodBlog, I have enlisted the help of five scholars from a diverse set of theological backgrounds to participate in a conversaion about a variety of topics related to God and the modern world. I’ll try and be the voice of th curious layman asking curious layman questions. The first topic, posted now, concerns the great box office success of the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose which has now passed $52 million in box office after just two weekends in release.

Drop me an e-mail with your reactions at I am also looking for a liberal Christian theologian who is already an accomplished blogger to join the team. But warn them to review the credentials of their potential colleagues in the online scrum. The use of lousy argument from a pulpit is rarely challenged. In this group, it isn’t likely to survive contact with the crowd.

Another Bush Adminsitration failure. E.J. Dionne was right. The Bush era is over.

Manuel Miranda makes an excellent case for the appointment of Bill Pryor to SCOTUS. I wonder which of the many excellent nominees out there give the Dems the worst nightmares. If the President follows Roberts with a rock-solid conservative of superb credentials –a Luttig (my favorite), Garza, Jones, McConnell, Owens, Brown or Pryor– he will be signalling the left that their power is indeed shattered on the judges question, and that even if they manage a way to block one nominee, a half dozen more are waiting in the wings. Dems have to realize eventually that losing elections means losing the ability to control judicial nominations.

Robert Novak describes the Roberts’ hearings as “a crushing defeat in [Senator Schumer’s] campaign to establish a new standard for confirmation of Supreme Court nominees.” It is that and more. It is an impressive reminder to all Americans and especially GOP leadership that talent counts. Nominate the best qualified people and the politics work themselves out.

It is also proof that absent the mediating influence of MSM, Dems look terrible on television. Only when edited, coached, and ped up by experienced questioners can the senior Dems appear persuasive, and even then it isn’t easy. Give Schumer his own cable show. The Dems will be down to 38 Senate seats in four years if it happens.


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