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Lileks on Bauer and Rome

Monday, January 15, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I forbade anyone to touch anything on the TV. I’m recording “Rome,” “Extras,” and “24” in regular and HD, and nothing must go wrong.

Lileks has a chance of at least making it work.  I pushed all the buttons, but who knows?  Now I can’t read Lileks for fear he’ll spill some of the Roman beans.  Can’t get to Rome until Tuesday as Bauer live seems much more compelling. 

The TiVoing of America: Nobody talk about anything on the way towork or you’ll blow it for someone.  GMs tell me to please never report scores of games without a warning –ticks off the customers who have the game on the DVR.

Now that Lileks has joined the rest of the world in watching “24” in real time, we get his post-mortem as well as Dave Barry’s, which is a supeb bit of news.  Barry’s is here.  The link above takes you to James’, but I am not sure how quickly it turns into Rome commentary, so reader beware: Thar’ be spoilers there.


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