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Lileks Looks Back On 2007

Thursday, December 28, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

This is so good it makes me wonder why every newspaper in America doesn’t carry James (along with Steyn and VDH). 

Memo to Joseph Rago:  Nominate three MSMers to match this trio undeniably new media/old media crossovers.  Sure, all three have old media roots –VDH’s go back to Thucydides— but it was the new media environment that allowed each to flourish and become major voices in America, a development I feel certain would not have happened if old media had not lost its monopoly on editorial decision-making about who got to put their wares before the public.

The essence of new media is that no one needs to persuade anyone to be allowed to attempt to persuade the public.  Talent rises and the audience follows.

If you didn’t see the link to Michael Totten’s reporting from Lebanon below, go and read his account of life in Beirut and ask yourself if anything remotely of that order of quality and depth has appeared anywhere in MSM.

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