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Lileks is Anti-Irish

Thursday, September 21, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

He slanders the Lucky Charms leprechaun:

Yes! A happy note: the TV just showed the Cocoa Puffs commercial I’ve been looking for. I always had a soft spot for that hyperactive sugar-junkie, even though the cereal rarely made its appearance in our house. (Sugar Frosted Flakes were fine, but Cocoa Puffs was just too obviously bad.) We all know his problem; the presence, indeed the mere contemplation of the existence of Cocoa Puffs sends him bouncing off the walls. As cereal mascots go, he’s rather one-dimensional; he lacks the rat-pack cool of the Sugar Bear, the bumbling distracted peter-principled incompetence of Captain Crunch (whose personality was retooled for the whole “Crunchetize Me

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