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Lileks’ Advice to Contractors of the World

Wednesday, February 8, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From today’s Bleat:

It is unwise to pick a fight with a guy who works at home, because he always knows when the workmen don’t show up, and what they don’t do. And he has lots of time to call you. Or he can go to the store and call you from a payphone, so the name doesn’t come up on Caller ID.

Corollary: Avoid the fight especially when the guy working at home is a writer. With a blog. Who is a humorist.

This raises the touchy subject of when to tell someone that they are dealing with a radio talk show host.

On the one hand, to mention such a thing is often misinterpreted as a form of intimidation.

Not to mention it, though, has unfair been cited to me as “nfair” when –as is the case with my show and the show of every other talker I have ever heard– the stuff of daily life inevitably finds its way on to the air.

I almost always leave my line of work out of it. Even though the participants in most of my, er, debates end up within the show even as they do within James’ Bleats. Even when they later claim it was unfair that they ended up as an anecdote.

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