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Libya, Syria, Obama and the GOP

Saturday, April 23, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

If Donald Trump is serious, let him make a serious statement about Syria, Libya and the rise of the fundamentalists in Egypt.

Mitt Romney did so on Thursday. Tim Pawlenty did so three weeks ago and reiterated his stance yesterday. The Hill has reported those reactions and Sarah Palin’s. If Trump wants to be taken seriously, he has to open himself up to serious, extended interviews on the difficult issues that Barack Obama will leave behind.

The president remains behind a curtain and issuing only paper statements, and it is obvious why. When he announced the national intervention into Libya, the president said on television he was doing so to prevent a massacre in Benghazi. He now has massacres in front of him and the world occurring across Syria, and given the regime’s history, the blood-letting is just beginning. It is impossible to reconcile his thrusting of America into the Libyan civil war but his refusal to even approach a microphone on Syria. As crowds swell in Syria today, the president needs to rally the world to force Assad from power and stop the funerals from becoming more scenes of mass murder.

All the president has done to date is issue a single paper statement. As Romney noted on my program Thursday, the president is repeating his disgraceful performance from the days when the Iranian repression unfolded across that country.

The country’s economy is struggling under the vast weight of president’s incompetence, to which we will now add show trials on gas prices. (See John Hinderaker’s post on “Speculation” at Powerline.)

But Obama’s greatest disaster to date, greater even than Obamacare which, after all, can be repealed and the damage healed, has been his “vision” for the world, leading as it has to the crumbling of our position in the Middle East and the failure to at least speak out on behalf of those who might have been our friends in Iran and Syria.

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