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Letters re “Letter to a Young Obama Supporter”, #1

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Though “Letter to a Young Obama Supporter” only became available on Friday, I have had my first response from a college student, Nick, at the University of Washington. I’ll publish others as they do arrive. It is very possible to turn a young Obama enthusiast into a McCain voter if you take them seriously and point to the key arguments about his agenda’s impact on their future.

Hey Hugh, just got done reading the PDF of the pamphlet, and as I expected, it’s excellent. I liked how you began the pamphlet by framing the mindset of the millions of young Obama supporters around the country. The portion comparing taking lessons from either a pro or an amateur was brilliant. I also thought you talking about Patrick, Abria, and Kirsten was quite effective, because we all have people close to us that are leaning the other way politically.[# More #]

On the economy, I think your point about nobody owing you a dime will resonate with young people. It’s a point that continually needs to be driven home from here to election day, that more government is not the solution. What’s also not a solution is higher taxes, and I think you do a good job showing young people exactly how they’ll be effected by Obama’s tax policies. This is an issue that needs to be put at the forefront of any effort to keep young people from voting for Obama. The last thing we like hearing is that the government is going to take MORE money from us. Keep driving this point home Hugh.

I really want to have more faith in voters my age, but I’m not if they will take seriously enough your section on national security. As for me, I understand the threat; I understand what kind of world we live in and how dangerous it is. However, many young people don’t think about the danger, and about the possibility of Islamic extremists acquiring nuclear or biological weapons to destroy millions of people in major American cities. I’m not criticizing your efforts to convince them otherwise, as you did your part. I just think until another terrorist attack takes place, young people (as well as millions of others in the U.S.) will fail to take the threat we face seriously. I sincerely hope they pick up at least one of the books you recommended, as I have, but I’m not sure that they’re worried about national security enough to do so. The thing I can’t stress enough about voters my age is if
it doesn’t affect them directly, they tend to not care. Even so, it will be important to keep contrasting the major, major differences in McCain and Obama’s positions on issues of national security and foreign policy.

My one criticism about the pamplet is that I really wish you would have delved into the issue of the Supreme Court and how important future justices will be. I understand you thinking it would have been too dull for young voters to read about, but it’s an incredibly important issue that will affect them directly for many years to come.

All in all Hugh, I thought the pamphlet was excellent, and I think wide distribution of it will be crucial if we’re going to see young voters switch allegiances from Obama to McCain. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to make a PDF download of the pamphlet free of charge from October 1st to Election Day. What do you think?

Lastly, I just want to let you know that I frequent your blog every day, and listen either live or to the podcasts of your show every day as well. Thank you for fighting both for young voters, and for the principles that millions of Conservative Christian Republicans like myself espouse to.



11. Letter to a Young Obama Supporter


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