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Letter From An Anti-Obama Spanish Speaker

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An e-mail on Obama’s “Your children should be speaking Spanish” demand:

Hugh, I am a casual listener, that is to say when I am driving home you are on the air on 920 in Atlanta. I listen all the way home in my one-hour Atlanta traffic commute I had to send this email because I needed some type of outlet for my anger. Not frustration, not sadness, not discouragement – but my visceral anger and outright disgust at what I heard on the show yesterday (Wed. 7/9). [# More #]

I had resigned myself to voting for McCain with little enthusiasm, and I am truly expecting electoral defeat. McCain’s potential defeat, it was my opinion, would be the beginning point of this country’s lurch to elitist, leftist, and European-styled statist governing philosophies. My hope would be that it is held in check by our public debt, and corporate interests funding the campaign, and therefore the Obama presidency – the best we could hope for – would be a foreign policy nightmare, but status quo ante on domestic affairs. We would have a lurch further to the left on the Court, but not by much, since the retiring justices would be liberal. And after 4 years of this disaster, with Republicans fighting back with true conservative roots and values, some hope and balance could be restored within 8-10 years. (I don’t mention talk-radio because you guys will be gone, fairness doctrine. We will have to listen to you online).

However, I found his declaration that I must learn Spanish to be abhorrent. Who in the world does this a–hole think he is? I could not believe it when I listened to it! It was disgusting on so many levels: 1) Confusing the issue of immigrants, mostly illegal, needing to learn OUR language, specifically for THEIR benefit, with the generally acceptable notion of being bilingual as a good thing. 2) Factually wrong – Yahoo just had an article listing the FRENCH as the most despised tourists, and LEAST bilingual. Americans get high marks for at least trying the local language when they travel. 3) English IS the international language of commerce and trade, it is spoken in virtually every hotel in the world, so why is a mandatory that we learn anything else? 4) We are a free society, at least we still are today, and I can learn, or not learn, anything I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5) Immigrants cannot get ahead economically without learning English in OUR country, whereas I can do just fine learning just English!!!!!!!! 6) A hopeful, encouragement from Obama to being educated and sophisticated, in a separate speech, talking about learning other languages, would have been sufficient -NOT talking down to me because the world has this FALSE and incorrect caricature of Americans not being bilingual!!!!!!!!!!! 7) How arrogant, which he comes across as AGAIN, to talk down to me, about what I need to learn. Again, who does he think he is????????? 8) I have never been this angry in my ENTIRE life! Ever! I have never heard ANYTHING like that from a politician in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite my lukewarm attitude towards John McCain, no moment in this election cycle has galvanized me more than when I heard Obama’s arrogant, cock-sure,demeaning speech that you played yesterday. While I will now tirelessly work towards an Obama defeat – this elitist anti-American loser that is Obama, and all his angry, “not-loved-by-mama” followers – I am simply even more shocked at the lack of coverage of this speech even on friendly networks like Fox. Why isn’t this being played for the American people to hear it?

Lastly, please use your influence on the McCain campaign to do a better job in the execution of their campain. It has been woeful so far to say the least: 1) McCain on a World tour while Obama is in Red states like Montana and Colorado. He should have been home, for months now, everyday pressing flesh in Colorado, Georgia, Florida, and anywhere else that he HAS to win. 2) Where is the 3rd party groups? This Wright, Rezko, Ayers, Michelle, and now “learn spanish” order is red-meat fodder for Republican voters, and pro-American independents. Are they saving their money for a “run-to-the-finish-line” blitz in the fall? The McCain energy commercials were okay, still not strong enough for me, but a start. 3) He needs a big energy policy announcement, and make it thematic over the next few weeks. I would argue that he should argue for a sweeping pro-drilling, mine coal, oil shale policy that includes nuclear not just for the sake of nuclear, but put the ENTIRE power grid nationwide on non-oil based energy(nuclear, solar wind) so that ALL domestic oil production can go into cars until we DO have alternative energy. I am sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors, and sorry if I did not make sense. I have so many more colorful words for what I can only say, in closing, is an empty suit riding the elevated oratory of change all the way to the White House. The mismanagement of the Republican brand by the President and a free spending Republican congress over the last 8 years – their graft, greed and corruption – may doom us all for a very long time. But we don’t have to give up yet, we can take conservatism, and our country back – but people like you have to keep hammering home the risk that is Obama.

Steve Rodriguez
English-only Hispanic 🙂


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