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Let’s Talk About Real Tolerance

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Social upheaval is not uncommon in our nation, and two such upheavals prove that if the law moves too fast in comparison to social change things can get very ugly.  One was the Civil War – do I have to talk about how ugly that got?  The other was Prohibition.  Most people look at it and think it a weird social experiment, but it was far more dangerous than that.  Prohibition wove organized crime into the very fabric of our society.  In some ways we are still paying the price for prohibition today.

Which brings me to same-sex marriage.  Obergefell has made it the law of the land.  As a law-abiding citizen of the United States of America I cannot rightfully dispute that.  I disagree with the decision, but it is real and it is law.  My job as a citizen is to come to terms with that.  And when I say “come to terms with it,” I mean I have to find a way to live in a society where same-sex marriage is legal and real while at the same time being true to my unshakable and unalterable religious conviction that carnal relations between persons of the same gender is a sin.

This is not the first time Christians in our nation have been confronted with such a compromise.  We have had to come to terms with abortion for many decades now and until recently society had been willing to permit us a space to remain true to our convictions.  Fortunately, the current administration is undoing, as rapidly as possible, the efforts of the Obama administration to force us to participate in something we find as ugly as we find abortion.

Unfortunately, same-sex marriage proponents seem unwilling to provide us the same kind of space.   Efforts to carve out such a space for ourselves are deemed “harmful.”  I have heard far more extreme language used in non-legislative settings and therein lies the heart of the issue.

I will not dispute the direction our society is headed – all indications are that we are, currently and in fact, headed in the direction of same-sex marriage.  I do wonder if for most people that trend is more a matter of simply wanting the conflict to end, and the related noise to stop, than it is any real conviction but such is a discussion for a different time.  My point is that the continuing attempts to use the force of law to deny those that believe as I do a space where we can be true to our deepest convictions will not end well.

That is not a threat, I have no idea what will happen in the future, but I do know history to some extent.  If the law gets too far ahead of the true sentiment of the people things get really ugly.

It is clear that proponents of same-sex marriage are convinced that they have the forces of good on their side.  If that is the case, then patience is called for.  Given time, people generally see the good.  Those of us of religious conviction have been waiting thousands of years for people to see what we believe to be the good.  During those many centuries we have had to make countless accommodations to live beside those that disagree with us.  Is it really too much to ask for the same in return?

If I, and those that believe as I do, are actually the dinosaurs on the verge of extinction that so many seem to think we are, then please allow us to go extinct naturally.  Isn’t that what tolerance is really all about?


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