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Let’s Play ‘Hide The Story,’ But The Danger Is Real

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“What they are doing now is making it more likely that there will be a bigger, more disastrous catastrophe for the United States,” said David Sedney, who resigned in 2013 as deputy assistant secretary of defense for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

That is the sixth paragraph of an AP story that showed up in only a few places this morning.  You know, July 3, 2015, a Friday of a holiday weekend, when no one (except utter geeks like me) is reading the news.  The story cites at least four former Obama administration officials that are on record saying the Obama counter-terrorism policy is not working.  A story that big ought to have show up a lot more places and sometime when someone might actually read it.

I am sure the AP justifies its decision about when to run the story on the fact that they think it is just the typical ex-administration official griping because they are out of work.  But note that the administration did not provide anyone to the reporter to go on record and the story quickly devolves into battling profs.  But come on, the evidence around the world of increased activity is overwhelming.  The story concludes with this:

The lesson of the 9/11 attacks, said Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at Georgetown University, “was that these groups are the most dangerous when they have a sanctuary. The fact of the matter is they have far more sanctuary today than they had a decade and a half ago.”

“It’s dangerous,” Hoffman added, “to wrap ourselves in this false security blanket that we’ve prevented them from attacking the U.S. thus far.”

Yesterday, we looked at Steven Postrel’s conclusion that what drives the Obama administration foreign  policy generally is “don’t be Bush.”  All of this on a holiday weekend when the terrorist threat is known to be elevated above normal. (Hughniverse subscription required)

One cannot help but conclude that the same sort of “thinking it makes it true” that drives liberal social policy (A same-sex family is no different  than an opposite sex family) is now driving our foreign and defense policy. (Oh if we just eliminate the leadership with drone strikes, the movement will fall apart.)  And that means this administration is simply “too smart” for their own good.   They may find it the height of their own intellectual activity to be devoid of principles, but to allow that to color their perception of people that think otherwise is dangerous.

Real leadership imbues an organization with principles so the organization will outlast the leadership.  The more fanatical the organization, the more that is true.  The whole “lone wolf” phenomena proves this.  We now have people buying into the principles that are not a part of the organization and acting independently.  In other words the terrorism is now happening, at least in some instances, as a completely leaderless phenomenon.  Eliminating leaders won’t do squat about that.

I am sure the administration consoles itself with the thought that absent organization, little damage can be done by terrorists.    But that misses the point entirely.  The few dead in Charleston has affected the psyche of this nation as profoundly as the thousands of dead of 9-11.  The point of terrorism is not body count – it is psychological impact.

We live in dangerous times my friends.  And the danger is only enhanced by the fecklessness of the current administration.  I’m praying for everyone this holiday weekend.  Be safe.


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