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Lee Habeeb on Paula Deen and the New South

Tuesday, July 2, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Lee Habeeb has a terrific piece on the tie that binds the MSM’s reaction to Paula Deen and its coverage of the Voting Rights Act decision by the Supreme Court.

I hope Lee’s next piece digs a little further into why the reflexive anti-South prejudice continues.  My suggestion: Many MSM producers, reporters and on-air talking heads just are not very well read, and are so light on the learning that they actually have no clue on how wide or deep were the sins of the old South nor on how radically the new South has changed.  My guess is that most would fail a pop quiz on the Civil Rights Movement (such as which party led the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act.)  There is comfort for the poorly educated in believing, however wrongly, that there is a great mass of poorly educated people nursing stereotypical bigotry just a few hours flight from them to whom they can feel superior.


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