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Leahy And The Left’s “Standards”

Tuesday, September 4, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Loopy Patrick Leahy amuses us most times he speaks in public, and inevitably when he tries to make an argument based on the law and logic. Over the weekend he adopted the line that the GOP had a double standard because it had demanded Senator Craig’s resignation, but not David Vitter’s.  This charge of “hypocrisy or homophobia or both” has been common on the lefty blogs, and I assume that is where Senator Leahy picked it up.

Unfortunately for Senator Leahy, no less an icon of the left than Duke University Law Professor Erwin Chemerinsky had earlier spelled it out with Sesame Street simplicity for Dems and those who love them:

HH: Do you agree with me as to the distinction between Vitter, who has not pled to anything, but has admitted adultery, and Craig, who has pled guilty to a crime?

EC: I totally agree with you….

EC: And I’m going to go back to the Vitter example. All we know is his name appeared in a list of names and phone numbers of a prostitute in Washington. But he hasn’t pled guilty to anything. There’s no crime that’s been proven or pled guilty to.

The left’s willingness to confuse the facts about a guilty plea with allegations about misconduct is just another in a two decades long string of improvisations that seek to excuse the alleged criminal acts of their people while exploiting the alleged or proven criminal acts of their opponents.  Even the one standard that ought to make it easy for someone of as limited capacity as Senator Leahy –conviction–leaves him and those like him confused.

The stress on ethics is welcome, even though the GOP has had its share of cons in the last four years.  If the focus on the need for ethical behavior inside the Beltway is maintained, that won’t be good news for Senator Clinton and her running mate Bill.  It is hard to sound like clergy when your campaign is pledged to the restoration of Vegas weekend rules.

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