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Lame Duck Worries

Monday, August 9, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Carol Browner, the White House global warming csar, yesterday left open the possibility of jamming climate change legislation through the lame duck session of Congress.

The appropriate response would have been to note that we live in a representative democracy, and if the people vote overwhelmingly for a dramatic course correction –a “U Turn” in fact– that it would be profoundly wrong to attempt to set aside that expression of the people’s sovereignty.

But of course Team Obama blew off the people’s will following state-wide elections in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts, so there is no reason to believe that Democrats would think twice about a jam down of a carbon ta, or card check for that matter, or another massive pay-off to union pals.

Which is why it is crucial now for the GOP’s 41 votes in the Senate to announce they will refuse such lame duck initiatives, period. The reason: The economy will begin to gain traction the moment America’s employers see an end in sight to this Congress and all it represents. The lame duck lunacy will keep the recovery, and the job creation, at bay. A letter from 41 Republican senators stating that major legislation will wait for 2011 would help the recovery right now.

To help keep Browner’s vision of command-and-control descending on every energy source in America from happening, please sign to be active in support of free market solutions to our current problems up via the Winning In November banner above. An informed and active grassroots network across the country is the key to keeping the remnants of this Congress from even more disastrous policy choices. Americans for Prosperity is putting that together via Winning In November. Please join up and join in.


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