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Lame Duck Spenders

Thursday, December 16, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

We need a Cy Coleman fan to rework Big Spender into Lame Duck Spender so it can play at all the events attended by Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2012. The list of those Democrats is here, and the ads are being written right now:

“At a time of fiscal emergency, when the country had just voted for austerity and sobriety, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and a flock of Lame Duck Spenders led his colleagues on a frenzy of spending on pork barrel projects that deepened the debt while unemployment stood at 10%. Browns friends made off with big earmarks and Brown’s campaign coffers filled up, but the country’s fiscal hole got deeper and deeper. The Lame Duck Spenders blew $1.2 trillion in December of 2011, after the country voted for them to leave. But the hung around and in one week spent more money than the country had spent in its first 150 years.”

“Sherrod Brown. Lame Duck Spender. It is time for him to go and spend his own money.”

The Senate’s shocking display of desperation-driven,special interest greed will mark the spenders for the rest of their hopefully brief careers. The GOP lame ducks who are helping the jam down over the hurdle of the filibuster may well wound their seat mates in the process. The whole country is watching and is disgusted, but Harry Reid and his team roll on, impressed by the examples of Greece and Ireland, indifferent to the consequences of their excess.


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