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KO on Medicare Advantage

Thursday, February 25, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

John McCain’s response to the president’s denunciation of Medicare Advantage in which the Arizona Republican noted the carve out of 800,000 Medicare Advantage enrolles in Florida was a pretty devastating exchange for the president and Obamacare advocates generally. It was not only a complete rebuttal on the specifics of the president’s argument, but a representative moment that underscores the vast gap between the president’s talking points and reality as well as a prime example of the special interest deals that are stuffed throughout the bill.

The GOP is winning this day decisively despite playing on the president’s home field because the bill itself is so awful. It cannot survive close scrutiny which is why it has been shielded from scrutiny throughout 2009. It is hard to imagine that the endangered Democratic House members are going to rush forward to embrace such an obviously flawed and deeply destructive bill.

Keep calling these House Democrats and repeating the same message: support for Obamacare guarantees their defeat in November.

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