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It is tempting, under this headline, to write of last night’s Golden Globe Awards.  But, I did not watch it, so I can’t.  Rather, I want to talk about an article that appeared over the holidays that I somehow missed. (HT: The College FixSarah Kaplan at WaPo writes:

But this Stanford University geologist has an alter ego. Like a real-life Captain Planet (minus the blue skin, plus a deep knowledge of data science), he beats back the forces of environmental destruction and holds the super-powerful to account.

Traer and two colleagues have calculated the carbon footprint for nine heroes from the comic book canon — and realized that Earth might be better off if they stopped trying to save it.

This was meant to be a cute and funny holiday puff piece, but seriously missed the mark.  If this was fun, they would have thought of the ancient and previously unknown Greek god Tetrahedron who has been forever buried deep inside the rock of the Acropolis in Athens, his tomb sealed forever and a day by the Parthenon.  As long as he is there every superhero anywhere is able to do what they do with zero carbon impact.  But eventually, in a rage fit, Red Hulk destroys the Acropolis revealing Tetrahedron’s tomb.  Now the world of superheros is divided into those with large carbon footprints and those without.  A civil war erupts between the two, the low impact heroes trying to shut down the high impact heroes who are arguing that saving the world from the invading Chitari forces lead by Loki is more important than carbon footprints.  After several really, really important superheroes die, they come to their sense, combine their forces, rebury Tetrahedron and resurrect the dead heroes and all goes back to normal.  That’s how you have fun with superheroes!

But no, these killjoy geeks want to “save the world” by telling us our heroes are not really heroes, and the world spins miserably deeper into post-modern depression.  Superheroes used to be the embodiment of the hope that defined this nation.  Now we have nimrod science types robbing us of hope by telling us that our heroes are schmucks just like the rest of us.  No hope, no fun, just dreck.

I think that is the thing that bothers me most about the so-called “post-Christian” age we find ourselves in.  It is not just the absence of joy and hope that people live in when they are without faith – it is that they seek actively to steal my hope and my joy.  Rather than seek to find joy and hope, they think such things are somehow a fantasy and that those of us that enjoy them have to be brought to reality.  I find myself rotating constantly between pity and anger with such things.  I so want them to discover the hope and joy that I have, but it is so irritating to have them try to steal it at every opportunity.

I used to think that the joy and hope that comes naturally and brightly to any serious Christian was one of our better tools for tempting others to our faith.  But nowadays people seemed so determined to not just live in, but share their misery that I wonder if that is still the case?

This I do know, to let them get away with taking my joy and my hope is to, in a fashion, give up on my faith.  So, go ahead, tell me your bad news.  I still have Good News and I hold to it tightly and dearly.


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