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Killing California: Keep the Train, Take the Court

Saturday, February 19, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Congressman Jeff Denham was on the program Friday to update the audience on the effort to kill the biggest boondoggle in America —high speed rail.

Shortly thereafter this post arrived from my law partner Liz McNulty on the latest job-killing decision from the California Supreme Court. The “zip code ask equals class action lawsuit” stunner follows by weeks another decision, described here, to open up all companies selling products in California to other unanticipated liability.

These two decisions combine to expose any company doing business in California to massive liability and endless lawsuits if they have either collected zip code information or included a tiny, technical misstatement of fact in any advertising. God help them if they have done both.

So ask yourself: Will a business weigh the absurd high speed rail planning process versus the disastrous legal environment in the Golden State and declare “I’m going to or expanding in California because the federal government is pouring billions into paper pushing even though the whole state is the destination resort for plaintiffs’ lawyers?”

We don’t need stimulus in California. We need sanity.

Actually, we need the rule of law. For a primer, watch my Chapman Law colleague Tom Bell’s introductory video for, a project of the Institute of Humane Studies.

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