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Khamenei Announces Hezbollah Plans, and the (Non-) Reacton of American Appeasers

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See TruthLaidBear’s aggregator of regional blogs for the latest from Lebanese/Israeli/Palestinian blogs.

The Supreme Leader of Iran speaks like the Supreme Leader of Hezbollah that he is:

Meanwhile, Iran’s top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised Hezbollah and said it was winning its fight against Israel:

“The Zionists were willing to do with Lebanon what they wished … But thanks to the power of Hezbollah, the Lebanese resistance has disturbed the dream of the Zionists,” Khamenei said in a speech broadcast on state television Sunday.

He also said Hezbollah would not disarm.

“The U.S. president says Hezbollah must be disarmed. It’s clear that (the U.S.) and Zionists want this, but it won’t happen,” Khamenei said.

“The Lebanese people know the value of Hezbollah. They know it was Hezbollah that prevented the Zionists from doing what they wanted to Lebanon,” he said.

Asefi also warned on Sunday Israel that expanding its bombing raids to neighboring Syria would bring the Jewish state “unimaginable damages.”

“We hope the Zionist regime does not make the mistake of attacking Syria. Expanding the front of aggression and attacks … would definitely face the Zionist regime with unimaginable damages,” said.

“Iran stands by the people of Syria,” he added.

For the reaction of one Lebanese blogger to Hezbollah/Iran/Syria, see BeirutNotes.

For the reaction of one Israeli blogger to Russian President Putin’s comments at the G-8, see KesherTalk.

Yoni’s blog is reeling under traffic, so check back later.

TheRealUgly American delivers a deserved rebuke to Kevin Drum.

Betsy’s Page does the same to “world opinion.”

BlueCrabBoulevard notes that Hezbollah is deliberately targeting civilians.

And does Geoffrey Dawson, (er, wrong “GD”), Gregory Djerejian still “think Israel is making a strategic mistake by over-reacting to Hezbollah’s provocations”;  that it is error “to conflate so totally Israel’s conflict with Hamas and Hezbollah…with America’s war on terror writ large,” or that “the strategic over-reaching and over-reaction (the attack on Hariri International Airport, a full blown naval blockade, significant attacks on the Beirut-Damascus road), might be a result of not a small amount of embarrassment among some in the IDF that the soldiers were kidnapped, both in the south and to the north, so brazenly“?

Wishing away the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah-Hamas-Islamists-worldwide reality will not end the threat to Israel, the pressure on Iraq, or the prospect of future 9/11s, Mumbais, Londons, Beslans, Madrids etc.  The Islamist menace draws its strength from the nation states that succor it and channel it and supply it, though not completely of course.

Of these states, two are most prominent: Iran and Syria.  Unless and until both are denied the ability to guide and supply the front line terrorists, terrorism will continue to strike.  That’s the central reality of our time. 

When the war began (or was at least recognized for the war it is) there were five such states. Now there are three (though Mogadishu and Gaza are becoming city state homes to terrorists).

The center-left establishment is confounded by the prospect of having to deal with this, and –as Belgravia Dispatch exemplifies– consoles itself with asides, tut-tuts, and a very thinly veiled suggestion that appeasement isn’t such a bad idea.

The hard left is silent or silly.

The very good news is that the November elections will likely be contested again –as they were in 2002 and 2004– on how the Islamist threat should be confronted.  If handed a third straight set-back, will the appeasers at least admit that they do not represent the American middle?

If Democrats gain a majority in either the Senate or the House, I will have to admit that, however unwisely, that center of American opinion favors trying appeasement.

But if the result is the GOP retention of majority –a prospect I thought very shakey until the conduct of the war returned to center-stage– then the appeasers ought to give it a rest.

Though I suspect they won’t and never will.  Even late into the Phoney War, the party of appeasement wondered if just a few more carrots might not turn the Axis from its obvious course.

There is something about the awfulness of the size of the real challenge that prevents some from admitting it, or which induces them to invent solutions with as much basis in reality as cold fusion.

The Ayatollah Khamenei, President Assad, President Ahmadinejad, Kim Jung Il, and Hezbollah leader Nasrallah and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal could appear with linked arms and recite in unison a solemn pledge to develop and deploy nukes against Israel and the United States at dawn’s first light and still the appeasers would believe it was just a question of not enough carrots.

There is no changing their mind or their perspective with facts.  Just like their counterparts from the ’30s in Britain, they will always believe the real problem is with their unwashed, unsophisticated fellow citizens.


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