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Keep Your Eyes on Stephen Hayes

Tuesday, March 21, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The WeeklyStandard’s Stephen Hayes is mining the Iraqi docs and finding huge stories. Hayes is also keeping track of others’ efforts, including an important piece from Foreign Affairs about which hayes writes:

A new and highly illuminating article in Foreign Affairs draws on hundreds of Iraqi documents to provide a look at the Iraq war from the Iraqi perspective. The picture that emerges is that of an Iraqi regime built on a foundation of paranoia and lies and eager to attack its perceived enemies, internal and external. This paragraph is notable:

The Saddam Fedayeen also took part in the regime’s domestic terrorism operations and planned for attacks throughout Europe and the Middle East. In a document dated May 1999, Saddam’s older son, Uday, ordered preparations for “special operations, assassinations, and bombings, for the centers and traitor symbols in London, Iran and the self-ruled areas [Kurdistan].” Preparations for “Blessed July,” a regime-directed wave of “martyrdom” operations against targets in the West, were well under way at the time of the coalition invasion.

Think about that last sentence.

The documents are painting an undeniable picture of a regime evil beyond comprehension. As Robert Kaplan has explained on my show, the Stalinist horror built by Saddam would never have “evolved,” would never have moderated, would eventually have attacked us, and perhaps sooner than any of us imagined.

Keep checking back to the Weekly Standard’s website.

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