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Justice Clarence Thomas and “My Grandfather’s Son” (bumped)

Friday, October 19, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The first two hours of today’s program will feature an interview I conducted yesterday with Justice Clarence Thomas.

The focus of the interview is Justice Thomas’ new memoir, My Grandfather’s Son, and we cover not only its account of his life from his birth in Pinpoint, Georgia through his confirmation to the United States Supreme Court, but much beyond the book, including Bush v. Gore, the Michigan affirmative action cases, his friendship with Bobby Knight, his assessment of Jeffrey Toobin’s The Nine, and his opinions of the Presidents Bush.

My review of My Grandfather’s Son is contained in this column.

The transcript of the interview with Justice Thomas will be here later today, and the audio here.

Now it is off to Chicago and South Bend to watch, I hope, a wonderful upset of SC by the Irish, and perhaps a Saturday win by the Tribe that sends them home to open the Series on Wednesday. 

It is still Tribe Time.  As Terry Pluto notes this morning:

The Indians did win the 1920 World Series at home. But they have never won a playoff series or clinched the American League pennant here. According to research by attorney David Hooker, the Tribe clinched the 1920 and 1954 AL pennants in Detroit. They won the 1948 pennant in Boston. The 1995 pennant was won in Seattle, and in 1997 it was in Baltimore. Now, the Tribe will have to do it in Boston this weekend.

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