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“Just 36 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Mr. Obama’s Handling Of Health Care.” The Cost of Combining Chicago-style Politics and San Francisco-style Policies

Tuesday, January 12, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The CBS polling data underscores what every objective analyst knows: The voters hate Obamacare. They know it will slash Medicare benefits while jacking up taxes, and the impact to existing health insurance policies will be dire, even if delayed by a couple of years.

The president’s overall numbers are also in the tank:

With the unemployment picture unlikely to improve significantly in 2010, and Democrats finding even Massachusetts a tough political environment, House Democrats generally and some endangered Senate Democrats –even Evan Bayh in Indiana?– have to wonder whether Obamacare is worth it. The White House warns that not passing anything will be worse than passing a deeply flawed bill, but would it be?

If enough House Democrats just say no, they will force the president into convening a genuinely bipartisan effort to salvage the agreed-upon insurance reforms while dumping the radical portions of his proposals and especially the tax hikes that could not arrive at a worse time. The president will not willingly agree to such a set-back, but Democrats watching Scott Brown raise $1.3 million in one day yesterday must know what is headed at them if they persist in using Chicago-style politics to achieve San Francisco-style policies.

FYI: Brown has released a new ad that answers the negative attacks fromCoakley. Brown is demonstrating to GOP candidates across the country how to run this year, and his disciplined messaging and online presence are models to be studied. Every Republican should be trying to sign his management team asap.

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