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Juan Williams: “I Think That Obama’s A Pretty Big Flip-Flopper At This Moment.”

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In just a couple of weeks, Obama has flipped flopped on the D.C. gun ban, public financing, FISA reform, debating John McCain, the status of Jerusalem and when he’d meet with the dictators. Even his supporters are having to admit that Obama’s word is as reliable as ice cream in the D.C. heat. Here’s Juan Williams on yesterday’s show. (The full transcript of the conversation with Juan and Fred Barnes is here. The podcast is here.):

HH: Let me start with you, Juan. Are you more upset with the Supreme Court’s decision in Heller, or with Barack Obama’s backflip about it? He doesn’t really mind, it’s an individual right, he never really meant what he said about gun control. Which upsets you more?

JW: Well, it’s becoming a pattern with Mr. Obama. He’s running to the center, and he’s running away…it’s interesting, because I guess the far left has nowhere to go, so he’s their option. But it’s so transparent, that I don’t know how people can get away with it. It’s going to give John McCain something to run on, though, in the sense of saying as a matter of character, who’s the real self-sacrificing individual here versus the politician who always moves in terms of expedience and opportunism. He can make that case, apparently. But I will say this…

HH: Is he a bigger flip-flopper than John Kerry?

JW: …in answer to your question, I’m upset about that Supreme Court decision. I’m not a fan of guns. They scare me, and there are just too many of them on the streets of this big, hot city.

HH: Quick question, is Barack Obama a bigger flip-flopper than John Kerry?

JW: I’ll let you be the judge. I think that Obama’s a pretty big flip-flopper at this moment….

HH: Juan Williams, let’s switch back to Obama’s flip-flops. He’s flip-flopped on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act reauthorization, including this time, immunity for the telcoms. Are you disappointed that he’s flip-flopped there?

JW: I am. I mean, again, to me, at least you would want to be consistent on something so important as civil liberties and the arguments that were put forward. I think what we’re seeing here, again, is pure politics. Now let me just say, you know, even extending back to the conversation we were just having about energy, you talk about flip-flops, John McCain is opposed, and was opposed, to all this drilling that you guys are proposing. Now he’s saying he’s willing to consider drilling in some areas, not all areas. But you know, you guys don’t talk about McCain’s flip-flops in this area. And when you talk about Obama’s flip-flops on FISA, I would agree. But you could also put it in this way-he has agreed to some of the very issues that were important to the President and to conservatives in terms of making sure that intelligence gathering is able to take place at maximum speed, although there will be a court, a FISA court, that will privately, secretly look at the issue.

HH: Are you disappointed, Juan, that he flip-flopped on public financing and on agreeing to meet John McCain in the town hall settings?

JW: I am. There’s no secret here. I think that in fact, I think it’s to his political advantage. I think people would find him more attractive, more glib than McCain. Although McCain does well in town hall meetings, I think Obama would outshine him, so I don’t see why Obama’s afraid to do it, except again, as a matter of politics, he’s kind of sitting on a lead. And then secondly, you know, when you think about Obama’s stand on the gun stuff, it seems to me, you know, it’s such an important issue for me, because I live in a big city, and I live in a neighborhood where people who are involved with crime are evident, and I just don’t like it. I don’t like the idea of guns everywhere on every corner. It worries me


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