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JournoList, Again

Friday, August 6, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

National Review’s Jay Nordlinger provides an essay on the malignancies within JournoList. I had focused in a Washington Examiner column two weeks ago on just one of the problems presented by the slice of JournoList emails we have seen, and Nordlinger’s explanation of the various ills exposed by the leaks is far more comprehensive and damning.

I offer Nordlinger’s take it to Tucker Carlson as an addendum to our conversation on air yesterday. (Transcript here.) All of the JournoList emails The Daily Caller has should be published so writers like Nordlinger could sift them with an eye on what they tell us. Carlson and his team have an important archive, but are only allowing the public to see into one drawer, and perhaps even then only some of the papers in the drawer.

It is like opening one wing of a large museum, and covering some of the paintings even in that one.


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