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Joshua Chamberlain Bachmann

Thursday, October 5, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Michele Bachmann, candidate for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, was my guest today, and she came out swinging at Patty Wetterling, the Democrat who intentionally and deceptively lied about the Foley scandal in an ad released yesterday.

Bachmann gets the Joshua Chamberlain award for counterattacking when others might have buckled.

Send Bachmann a contribution and send the Wetterling-Minneapolis Star Tribune campaign a message.

The Star Tribune’s “reporter” wonders “if the rhetoric of [Wetterling] ad overstate the case?”  You can leave a comment.  But don’t go Kos on him.  Just point out that only an illiterate could fail to conclude that Wetterling lied in her ad.

UPDATE: I should have seen this e-mail coming:

He would not have had the end of the line IF the FIRST MINNESOTA VOLUNTEER INFANTRY had not been on the top with beaten men running past them when Hancock rides up and says three things:
What unit is this?
You see that FLAG? (The one in the first rank of three outnumbering the FIRST MINNESOTA over three to one marching up the rise)
Col. Colvill – YES SIR!
OVER TWO HUNDRED MEN WENT DOWN THE HILL. First at a walk and soon running.
They hit the first rank then the second and some the third.
When it was all over 47 men were standing from the FIRST MINNESOTA. There were none missing all were on the field – dead, wounded, and whole. They gave Hancock 15 minutes. He said that they all knew it was suicide for they had all been in battle BUT this band of men did their duty and suffered the highest unit percentage loss in the history of the U.S. Army.
Josh Chamberlain??? Bachmann????
How about First Minnesota Bachmann!
Oh yes – The First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry was the first unit offered to Lincoln in the Civil War.
But I’m guessing he’s a Bachmann supporter.
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