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John Podhoretz on the Race for Majority Leader

Wednesday, January 11, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From an interview on my show earlier this evening:

I think it is coming home to, it must be coming home to some of the Congressmen that, you know, that if they make a mistake here, they’re nationalizing the election against them. if they pick somebody who took a lot of K Street money or who has Abramoff money or who has this kind of nonsense where people say, “I didn’t take any money from jack Abramoff,” well, if Abramoff directed Indian tribes to give you money, then you took money from Jack Abramoff.

The full transcript will be up later at, and includes J-pod’s assessment of the incredible shrinking Biden.

I have tried each day for three days to book an interview with either Roy Blunt or John Boehner. They have declined at a time when an audience of center-right listeners are intensely interested in the future of the party that they –the activists– put into the majority. It isn’t a confidence builder to get no response from folks who want to be leaders no matter how busy their schedules. (Senator Kyl, after all, managed to get in a 10 minute interview even as the Alito hearings were continuing.) Tomorrow I’ll try and book John Shadegg. (We put a call in this afternoon about an hour ago to get this rolling.)

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