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John Paul, Benedict, and the Iraqi Voter

Monday, December 19, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Time’s selection for people of the year has been justly lampooned all over the place, but the best argument for individuals would be these two, and for a group, the Iraqi electorate.

Thinking about Benedict set me to searching for word of when he will make appointments of new cardinals. I didn’t find anything on that topic, but did come across this very interesting post on the new Theologian of the Papal Household. Here’s an interesting bit of Vatican history:

It’s worth noting that despite being an Augustinian rather than a Thomist, [emphasis mine–JN] the pope has maintained the centuries-old tradition of naming Dominicans, and therefore Thomists, to the job. (All the theologians of the papal household have been Dominicans, except for a handful of cases when Franciscan popes named Franciscans). It’s another small sign that Pope Benedict has no intention of imposing his own personal tastes on the office of the papacy

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