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John O’Sullivan

Wednesday, August 22, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

On Monday I conducted an unusual three-hour interview with a single guest, John O’Sullivan, author of The President, The Pope and The Prime Minister: Three Who Changed The World.

But John O’Sullivan is an unusual guest –one of the most accomplished journalists of the past thirty years, and during those times when he wasn’t the editor of National Review, The National Interest, Policy Review, or the editorial pages of the New York Post or the Times of London, he was an influential columnist and occasional advisor to Margaret Thatcher.

What I wanted to do in a single setting –and thus three downloads of audio– was to give a young person an introduction to the sense of defeat that pervaded the late seventies and to the extraordinary accomplishments of the decade of freedom’s march, the eighties which led to the collapse of communism, and to do so with a wonderfully spoken and informed intellectual who was both participant and observer of those tumultuous years.

The transcript is here.  The audio for hour one is here, hour two here, and hour three here.  Many have e-mailed me to express their appreciation for Mr. O’Sullivan’s willingness to stay seated for this long, and they were right to be completely charmed, entertained and informed by him.  But the interview is no substitute for the book, and you’d be doing every friend a great favor –especially the young ones– to whom you sent it. 

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