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John McCain Complains

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The Arizona senator was complaining on Fox & Friends this morning that Romney was attacking him and that he had never changed. Given the recent memory of the disastrous McCain-Kennedy immigration “reform” which many conservatives denounced as amnesty and which did include social security for illegal aliens. McCain will never be able to spin himself as other than a flipper on immigration. Ditto the Bush tax cuts he opposed (unless he wants to announce he was wrong to oppose them in 2001 and 2003.) Team Romney responded with a detailed defense of its ad:

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: “I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this message.” ANNOUNCER: “John McCain, an honorable man. But is he the right Republican for the future? McCain opposes repeal of the death tax, and voted against the Bush tax cuts twice.”

– In 2002, Senator McCain Was One Of Only Two Republicans To Twice Vote Against Permanent Repeal Of The Death Tax. (S. 1731, CQ Vote #28: Adopted 56-42: R 45-2; D 11-39; I 0-1, 2/13/02, McCain Voted Nay, H.R. 8, CQ Vote #151: Motion Rejected 54-44: R 45-2; D 9-41; I 0-1, 6/12/02, McCain Voted Nay)

– In 2001, Senator McCain Was One Of Only Two Republicans To Vote Against The $1.35 Trillion Tax Cut. The bill lowered marginal rates, eliminated the marriage penalty, and doubled the child tax credit. (H.R. 1836, CQ Vote #170: Adopted 58-33: R 46-2; D 12-31; I 0-0, 5/26/01, McCain Voted Nay) [# More #]

– In 2003, Senator McCain Was One Of Only Three Republicans To Vote Against The $350 Billion Tax Cut. The comprehensive bill lowered taxes by $350 billion over 11 years-including increasing the child tax credit and eliminated the marriage penalty. (H.R. 2, CQ Vote #179: Passed 51-49: R 48-3; D 3-45; I 0-1, 5/15/03, McCain Voted Nay; H.R. 2, CQ Vote #196: Adopted 50-50: R 48-3; D 2-46; I 0-1, 5/23/03, McCain Voted Nay)

ANNOUNCER: “McCain pushed to let every illegal immigrant stay here permanently. Even voted to allow illegals to collect Social Security.”

– Senator McCain’s 2006 Immigration Plan Would Allow 11 Million Illegals To Remain In The U.S. “The McCain plan-which is being put forward in the U.S. House by Arizona GOP Congressmen Jeff Flake and Jim Kolbe-allows the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the U.S. to stay in the country if they apply for legal status and pay a $2,000 fine.” (Mike Sunnucks, “Napolitano, Hayworth Criticize Bush On Illegal Immigration,” The Phoenix Business Journal, 2/1/06)

– Senator McCain Voted To Allow Illegals To Collect Retroactive Social Security Benefits. “Specter, R-Pa., motion to table (kill) the Ensign, R-Nev., amendment no. 3985 that would bar illegal immigrants currently in the country from claiming Social Security credits for work done in years before they are assigned a valid Social Security number.” (S. 2611, CQ Vote #130: Motion Agreed To 50-49: R 11-44; D 38-5; I 1-0, 5/18/06, Clinton, Kennedy, And McCain Voted Yea)

– “The Senate Voted Yesterday To Allow Illegal Aliens To Collect Social Security Benefits Based On Past Illegal Employment – Even If The Job Was Obtained Through Forged Or Stolen Documents.” (Charles Hurt, “Illegals Granted Social Security,” The Washington Times, 5/19/06)

The Washington Times Editorial: Senator McCain Moved Social Security Closer To Insolvency By Offering Benefits To Illegals. “On its way to bankruptcy, Social Security will get there a bit sooner if President Bush, Republican senators (and prospective presidential candidates) John McCain, Chuck Hagel and Sam Brownback and the overwhelming majority of Democratic senators get their way. … During the Senate debate on immigration reform in May, Mr. Ensign proposed that no illegal alien whose status would be adjusted by the Senate bill be permitted to receive Social Security benefits as a result of unlawful activity. … In addition to Messrs. McCain, Hagel and Brownback, other still-serving Republicans who opposed the Ensign amendment, which lost by a 50-49 vote, included Sens. Lindsey Graham, Richard Lugar, Mel Martinez, Arlen Specter, Ted Stevens and George Voinovich.” (Editorial, “Social Security Siphon,” The Washington Times, 1/5/07)

ANNOUNCER: “And Mitt Romney? Mitt Romney cut taxes and spending as Governor.”

– Governor Romney Turned The Legislature’s Proposed Capital Gains Tax Hike Into A Tax Refund Instead. “Romney was more successful when he took on the State Legislature for imposing a retroactive tax on capital gains earnings. After a bloody fight, Romney succeeded in passing a bill preventing the capital gains tax from being applied retroactively, resulting in a rebate of $275 million for capital gains taxes collected in 2002. Governor Romney also signed legislation that provided property tax relief to seniors and legislation establishing a two-day tax-free shopping holiday in 2005.” (The Club For Growth, “Mitt Romney’s Record On Economic Issues,” Press Release, 8/21/07)

– Club For Growth: Governor Romney “Imposed Some Much-Needed Fiscal Discipline On A Very Liberal Massachusetts Legislature.” “[O]n balance, he imposed some much-needed fiscal discipline on a very liberal Massachusetts Legislature.” (The Club For Growth, “Mitt Romney’s Record On Economic Issues,” Press Release, 8/21/07)

– Governor Romney “Attempted To Cut Down On Government Spending By Streamlining Many Duplicative And Wasteful Elements On Beacon Hill.” “To his credit, Romney attempted to cut down on government spending by streamlining many duplicative and wasteful elements of Beacon Hill. … Governor Romney successfully consolidated the social service and public health bureaucracy and restructured the Metropolitan District Commission. Romney even eliminated half of the executive branch’s press positions, saving $1.2 million.” (The Club For Growth, “Mitt Romney’s Record On Economic Issues,” Press Release, 8/21/07)

ANNOUNCER: “He opposes amnesty for illegals. Mitt Romney. John McCain. There is a difference.”

– Governor Romney’s Strategy For A Stronger America Calls For Ending Illegal Immigration Without Amnesty. “Reject Amnesty. Do not give amnesty or any special pathway to those who have come to this country illegally.” (Romney For President, “Strategy For A Stronger America,”, Posted 9/18/07)

– Read Governor Romney’s Immigration Plan Here.


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